Daughter Finds Out Her Mom Went To School With Jeffrey Dahmer

Sarah Kester
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer
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When most people's parents want to talk about their glory days, we just tune out.

We don't need to hear about how "cool" or lame they were in high school. But what if your parent attended the same high school as the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer? Ears would certainly perk up.

That's how one daughter felt after discovering Jeffrey's photo in her mother's high school yearbook.

This isn't the first time a person has discovered that their parents knew someone historically "famous."

Brad Pitt blowing a kiss

Back in 2021, a girl discovered that her mom was friends with Brad Pitt when she was younger. This was shared by @emmemaclendonn on TikTok.

"That's my mom," she said, while pointing to a picture of her mother as a teen.

Brad Pitt next to a woman's mom
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"And that's Brad Pitt," she continued, pointing to the superstar actor sitting right next to her mom. Ugh, she's so lucky. Why couldn't our mom know someone famous?!

The photo was taken in 1988, one year before Brad made his big-screen debut in the horror film 'Cutting Class.'

Brad Pitt saying "hey"
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If only that mom could've known that Brad was able to hit it big. She could've saved his tissues and sold them on eBay!

In another wild celebrity moment, a girl on Twitter went viral for sharing that she grew up with "Uncle Jamie" AKA Jamie Foxx!

She must be cursing that aunt for not making it work with the handsome actor and comedian!

If there's one person you don't want to know, though, it's a serial killer.

school classroom
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That should go without saying. Unfortunately for one girl on TikTok, she discovered that her mom went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer.

In case you weren't aware (or haven't watched 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' yet), Jeffrey murdered 17 people for over a decade.

Jeffrey Dahmer interview

Most of his victims were young, mainly black, and from the LGBTQ community. In addition to brutually murdering them, he would dismember their bodies.

Again, not someone you want to know.

Jeffrey's childhood home
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So, it was completely unsettling when Brittany Cristiano discovered that her mother went to school with Jeffrey in Ohio.

His house, which is where he commited his first homicide, was only five minutes away from her mother's house in the '70s.

In her viral video, which now has over 12.7 million views, Brittany opened up the yearbook to show the image of Dahmer.

Jeffrey's yearbook photo
TikTok | @brittybaby

She also showed a photo of Jeffrey in the school's infamous National Honor Society photo. Since he snuck into the photo as a senior prank, his face was blurred out.

Viewers were stunned by the personal connection to Dahmer.

Jeffrey's blurred out photo
TikTok | @brittybaby

"That yearbook will be worth a lot to a collector," one wrote with a blush emoji. "It really is a small world we live in," another wrote. Users whose relatives also knew Dahmer shared their stories.

"Same, his house is about 10 mins from my grandma's house," a user commented.

Someone saying "that's a little creepy"
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"My aunt's boyfriend’s friend taught Jeffery in high school," another wrote. In a follow-up video, Brittany shared more about her mother's connection to the serial killer.

Since she was a freshman and Dahmer was a senior, Brittany said that they never spoke.

According to a former classmate in the series, Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Jeffrey was an awkward guy who liked to pull pranks.