The First Christmas Decor Trend Of The Year Is Already Here, And People Love It

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A still from the TikTok.
TikTok | @_annemarie

Some might argue that the best part of the later holidays is being able to freely decorate your home in a fun theme. Be it Halloween or Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with the decor.

People love it so much that there are already trends for the upcoming Christmas season beginning now! Will you get ahead of the game and give this first trend a go?

We're now a few days into November, so you know what that means.

A christmas tree in the foreground, and stockings above a fireplace in the background.
Unsplash | Chad Madden

That means Christmas fans everywhere are already in full gear to start celebrating the holiday season.

Though there are still leaves on the trees and we haven't seen snow yet, nothing will stop them from getting right into the festivities.

So much so that the first Christmas decor trend might have already arrived.

Lights and pine branches in someone's window.
Unsplash | Alisa Anton

For those setting their trees out way, way ahead of time, those fancy aesthetic home decor influences have created a beautiful, delicate way to elevate your tree this year.

Move over, ornaments and tinsel.

A bundle of baby's breath in a jar.
Unsplash | Fiona Murray

It's now time for flowers to enter the conversation.

Specifically Gypsophila, otherwise known as Baby's-breath. This plant is known for thin yet plentiful stems that feature small white, or sometimes pink, flowers.

People are taking bundles of it and sticking them between the branches of their Christmas trees.

Which results in a beautiful accent that almost resembles a dusting of snow from far away.

A TikTok recently went viral for showing off this idea, the video gaining almost 250k views as of writing.

"This is your sign to decorate your Christmas tree with Gypsophila Flowers," reads the text in the video.

Baby's breath spilling over a wooden frame.
Unsplash | After Exposure Studio

And people are happy to!

The comments were filled with Christmas fans relishing in how pretty this idea is, and how they can't wait to try it themselves.

"Oh I love this!!! So beautiful!"

A cat looking up at some ornaments on a tree.
Unsplash | kevin turcios

"[That's] so cute, since we have two cats we don't dare to hang up Christmas balls but that could work," wrote one comment.

"I'm getting married Dec 4 and this is what my mom and I have been planning to decorate the trees with!" said another.

There are even ways to elevate it.

Small fairy lights in pine branches.
Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Multiple people suggested stringing up small white lights, or fairy lights, to add some twinkle to the already beautiful setup.

It also helps that this is cheap, can be used with real or fake Baby's-breath, and lasts a long time as the flowers simply dry up in the tree!

It's not without its issues, though.

Baby's breath within some bouquets.
Unsplash | Suhyeon Choi

For some people, Baby's-breath smells terrible. The girl who posted the video swore her tree just smelled like pine, but others refused to risk a bad scent.

Baby's-breath can also be mildly toxic to cats, so that person from earlier might need to rethink this idea.

Though some may find this trend a little early, there's no denying how cute it is.

A still from the TikTok.
TikTok | @_annemarie

I'm not the type to go all out for Christmas, but if trends like these keep gaining steam, I might just have to give in and try a couple!