Former Bully Admits That She Doesn't Regret Her Bad Behavior

Lex Gabrielle
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In life, there are many times when we may experience a confrontation with a bully or two. These people can be cruel and pick on others to make themselves feel better about their own lives.

Sometimes, bullies can be relentless and truly hurtful, leaving a mark on those they torment and torture. But throughout life, they tend to grow, and some do look back and end up regretting how they once treated others. But that's not always the case.

Despite what we may think, there are some that might not have regrets when it comes to how they treated people.

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No matter how much people grow, they might not grow in the ways that matter. Besides, not everyone lives their life with regret.

One former bully is opening up about her past ways and how she sees it as a positive experience.

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35-year-old Cally Stewart said that she used to be a huge bully. She would even bully her own friends, not just people outside her group.

As a child, she said she was picked on in school.

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Stewart told South West News Service that her bullying days started when she realized that in order to beat her own bullies, she had to prove she wasn't scared.

Stewart became the bully, instead of the bullied.

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In high school, she started to get back at her own bullies and it spiraled out of control from there. She began to pick on others and make their lives hell. She would find ways to rip them apart in any way that they could.

She developed a reputation in school for being a "mean girl."

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Her bullying got so bad that she was even suspended. But, it didn't really stop her. After dropping out of high school and hitting the work force, she continued to bully people around her.

Stewart said she used to start rumors about her co-workers who worked alongside her.

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“I’d say that women were sleeping with the men in the office to get there and awful things about how they were dressing,” she admitted to the news outlet.

She also used to start rumors about her own friends.

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Stwart would send long text threads to friends and begin compiling rumors about them all. She didn't care who it was or when it was, she would push everyone over the edge.

But, Stewart had a wake-up call.

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Eventually, Stewart got married and her husband pushed her to face her problematic behaviors. He forced her to confront the root of the problem after he realized she spent way too much time tearing people down.

Stewart decided to check herself into a spiritual retreat.

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Being married and a mother of two, she realized her problems had to be faced and dealt with. She left the retreat with a newfound understanding of herself and her past.

Only after that, did she begin to feel a bit ashamed.

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While she does feel that, she has no doubt that everything she went through made her who she is today, a better human being. Which led to her new business.

Now, she helps women support and lifts up other women—instead of bullying them.

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Her company is a "spiritual development and transformation" company that showcases how women can uplift each other, rather than tear each other down.

She now feels like a whole new person.

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Stewart said that she takes pride in the fact that she is a new person who helps people, rather than hurts them. In addition, people from her past even see how much she has changed.

Her husband jokes about it, too.

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“My husband, Nigel, 51, jokes that he was married to one woman for 14 years and another for five," she shared. Although she knows her behavior is "better," she doesn't exactly regret her bullying ways, either.

Despite learning from her past, Stewart says at the time, being a bully served her well.

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Stewart says she doesn't regret bullying others because it was what she needed to do at the time to get by. Despite the bad impact she had on others, it helped her "survive."

And, although she runs a successful business promoting anti-bullying, she claims she wouldn't take the bullying back.

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Without it, Stewart may not be as successful as she is now.

"I went from hating myself and saying the nastiest things about others to changing that behavior and loving everything. I’m a completely different person now."