Tori Spelling's Daughter Graduates Despite Bullying And Setbacks: 'She Proved Them Wrong'

Elizabeth Spina
Tori Spelling, Stella McDermott
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Tori Spelling's daughter, Stella McDermott, recently graduated middle school on schedule, in spite of adversities and setbacks, including being bullied.

The Beverly Hills 90210 alum marked the "bittersweet" milestone with a heartfelt Instagram message, opening up about her daughter's struggles and congratulating her for overcoming them.

On June 9, Tori Spelling took to Instagram to mark her 14-year-old daughter, Stella McDermott's middle school graduation.

The 49-year-old revealed that Stella graduated on time despite the odds being stacked against her.

Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, share five children together.

Tori Spelling, Stella McDermott
instagram | @torispelling

Liam Aaron, 15, Stella Doreen, 14, Hattie Margaret, 10, Finn Davey, 9, and Beau Dean, 5.

She opened up back in July 2021 about Stella struggling with "painful" bullying antics from some of her peers.

"Stella is an amazing human. Heart of gold and always leads with kindness. She's innovative and creative and full of fire. Which is why as a mom it was so painful to see a young woman's fire dimmed because of bullying," she penned via Instagram alongside a carousel of photos of Stella's first modeling gig.

Tori Spelling sitting in a pink chair while Stella McDermott does her makeup.
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She explained that the children responsible for bullying her daughter weren't stopped, and they felt as though the staff members were enabling the situation.

Fortunately, Stella is off to high school and hopefully, on to better things following her recent graduation.

"Stella McDermott GRADUATES!" Spelling penned alongside her daughter's official graduation photo.

Tori Spelling and Stella McDermott

She revealed that Stella had been struggling with anxiety, migraines, and being bullied, and to add insult to injury, her own teachers and counselors didn't think she would graduate on time.

"My girl graduated from middle school today. Bittersweet," Spelling continued, adding:

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott children, Stella McDermott
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"So proud of how hard she fought to graduate amongst bullying, COVID, adversity, migraines, severe anxiety, and sadly teachers and counselors who didn’t believe she could do it all in time to graduate."

"She proved them all wrong!" she continued, singing her daughter's praises.

Tori Spelling, Stella McDermott
instagram | @torispelling

"So beyond proud but I still look up at that stage and see my tiny little buggy running around. You have such drive and such a kind spirit!" Spelling wrote.

Spelling concluded her post by letting Stella know that she can accomplish anything after what she's managed so far.

"You can do absolutely anything you want to do! I love you @stella_mcdermott08 with all my heart and soul BFF," she wrote.

Congratulations to Stella on her graduation!

Tori Spelling, Stella McDermott
instagram | @torispelling

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