Billie Eilish, 20, And New Boyfriend, 31, Reportedly Thought Their 'Gross' Costume Was 'Hilarious'

Taylor Sakellis
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When it comes to "it" girls in the music industry, it would be criminal to not include Billie Eilish. Not only is the 20-year-old one of the most beloved celebrities for Gen Z, and to be honest, a lot of millennials, but she's also a fearless defender of what she believes in.

While the 20-year-old is no stranger to controversy, her latest controversial move has a lot of fans concerned for her.

Now, according to new reports, it seems Billie believes her fans have nothing to worry about.

Billie Eilish is making headlines after she debuted her new boyfriend in a questionable Halloween outfit.

While it's been rumored that Billie has had a new beau for a while now, the "Bad Guy" singer took to social media to confirm the news this past weekend.

Sharing a series of Pics from her spooky season celebrations, Billie made her relationship with The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford Instagram official.

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In an effort to seemingly "poke fun" at their 11-year age gap, Billie, 20, dressed up as a baby with Jessie, 31, dressed as an old man.

Kinda makes you say "yikes" right? Well, a lot of fans felt the same way.

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"That last slide is gonna haunt her in a few years when she’s older and realises that a 31 year old has no business with someone that young," wrote one fan.


Now, a source close to the pair is revealing how the singers and their friends really felt about the questionable costume.

“Their friends thought it was very in line with their sarcastic sense of humor,” the source told HollywoodLife.

"They know what people are saying about their age difference and they really don’t care at all."

The insider went on to add that 11 years “is really nothing” to Billie and Jesse, who are reportedly “on the same plane emotionally and spiritually.”

h/t: HollywoodLife