Fans Are Concerned For Billie Eilish, 20, After Posting 'Gross' Pic With Boyfriend, 31

Taylor Sakellis
billie eilish selfie
instagram | @billieeilish

Billie Eilish is one of the most beloved celebrities for Gen Z, and to be honest, a lot of millennials, too. To be fair, Billie's talents far exceed any one gap group and she has continued to prove herself and her talents time and time again.

While the 20-year-old is no stranger to controversy, her latest controversial move has a lot of fans concerned for her.

Billie Eilish is making headlines after she debuted her new boyfriend in a questionable Halloween outfit.

For context, Billie has had fans concerned before when it comes to her dating life, like when it was revealed that the singer was 16 when she started dating 22-year-old Brandon Quention Adams.

Now, at 20, fans are concerned that once again Billie is not dating an age-appropriate man.

While it's been rumored that Billie has had a new beau for a while now, the "Bad Guy" singer took to social media to confirm the news this past weekend.

Sharing a series of Pics from her spooky season celebrations, Billie made her relationship with The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford Instagram official.

billie eilish and her boyfriend halloween
instagram | @billieeilish

In an effort to seemingly "poke fun" at their 11-year age gap, Billie, 20, dressed up as a baby with Jessie, 31, dressed as an old man.

While the other pictures in the slide were cute, fans were shocked by the couple reveal and immediately took to the comments section to express concern.

"That last slide is gonna haunt her in a few years when she’s older and realises that a 31 year old has no business with someone that young," wrote one fan.


"You as a baby and him a old man isn’t cute… gross," echoed a different fan.

"Love you but that last slide. Do better for my 11 & 13 yr old daughters please," urged one upset parent.

One of the most liked comments came from user @andrea_ivana.

"what i’m seeing are two adults knowingly making a dark joke. the thing is, with the older one being 31, you’d think he’d make the right call and say 'hey maybe that’s too far.'"

"but then again, he’s 31 dating a 20 year old so he’s not gonna acknowledge the issue. billie is aware of what’s being said, but bc she’s so free spirited and bold, and also only 20, she thinks they ate."

"in her head it’s like a major “lmfao [expletive] you” to everyone against it. she’s happy bc she’s with an older man and he’s happy bc he’s with someone not even old enough to drink yet."

"There’s a clear power imbalance in terms of awareness and maturity, so even if she’s aware and thinks she’s in control, she’s still a victim and i don’t think she deserves any backlash."

"that all said though, a lot of billie fans are teenagers and they’re clapping back in billie’s defense bc it’s what stans do, but they’re also too young to see an issue and will blindly support their fav and THAT’S a major problem given the context of the situation," they concluded.