Mom Switches Babies Behind Dad's Back To See If He'll Notice

Ashley Hunte
Two pink strollers in the snow
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To the untrained (AKA childless) eye, a lot of babies basically look the same. But you should still be able to tell your baby apart from someone else's. Right?

That's what TikTok user Kat (@katstickler) wanted to figure out when she played a prank on then-husband, Mike. She quite literally swapped their baby, MK, with a friend's baby, just to see if he'd notice.

Titling the video, "Why did I think he wouldn’t notice," Kat gets ready to pull the prank.

Kat is about to swap her baby with a friend's in order to prank Mike.
TikTok | @katstickler

"So now for the baby swap," she begins in the TikTok, showing her own child, MK, as "baby number one."

"Now we're going to switch with baby number two."

She then shows a different baby in the same stroller.

Kat poses next to baby number two, who belongs to a friend named Shannon.
TikTok | @katstickler

"And right here we have baby number two," Kat says as she shows how the second baby is wearing the same bow that MK wore just seconds earlier in the video.

After that, it's time to start the prank.

Mike stares at the baby, confused.
TikTok | @katstickler

"Can you get her out of the stroller please?" Kat asks as she rolls the second baby into their living room. Mike agrees, but "stares for a hot minute" before realizing that the baby isn't his.

And at this point, he begins to panic.

"This is not our baby," Mike says as he holds the mystery baby.
TikTok | @katstickler

"This is not our baby," Mike says, while still picking up and holding the baby. He continues to ask questions, wondering whose baby that is, where their baby is, and if the whole thing is a prank.

Kat finally admits that she was pranking Mike.

Kat apologizes to a pretty upset Mike.
TikTok | @katstickler

Kat walks into the screen and takes the baby, stating that she belongs to a friend named Shannon. MK is safely waiting outside.

Mike, meanwhile, is at least relieved that Kat didn't lose their baby.

People were loving the prank.

The TikTok has nearly 2 million likes, and thousands of people flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on how well the prank went. Many praised Mike's handling of the situation.

They absolutely loved how he was so gentle with baby number 2.

Two CGI rabbits going, "AWW."
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"The way he picks her up though and still cares is the sweetest," one commenter wrote.

"Simultaneously has a heart attack and attends to his non-baby," said another.

Others pointed out how their husbands would've been easily fooled.

Michael from the office saying, "Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice... strike three."
Giphy | The Office

One user commented, "My husband literally failed at this b/c our daughter and her classmate looked so much alike. He tried to bring her home. Her mom just laughed."

Meanwhile, a few thought that the comment section was a little too easily impressed.

A woman saying, "Wow. That's a pretty low bar."
Giphy | CBC

"The bar for men is SO LOW that the fact that he knows what his baby looks like is so impressive to us," a comment stated.

Some, though, thought the prank went too far.

Austin Powers saying, "That is not funny."

One comment reads, "He handled it well but he’s right, this was NOT funny. Not even for a prank. You just cried wolf and I pray you never regret it."

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