19 Celebrity Doppelgangers Spotted In Real Life

Kasia Mikolajczak
red carpet
Unsplash | Amir Hosseini

Has anyone ever told you that you look like somebody famous? The closest I've ever come was to be told that I resemble a Canadian talk show host, ha, ha. But heck, I'll take that. I think it would be kind of fun to be a celebrity doppelganger, no?

Imagine the reaction you would get from people who thought you were the real thing? That could be good or bad, ha, ha. So anyway, today I'm going to share with you a few uncanny celebrity lookalikes.

Jennifer Aniston

split screen of Jennifer Aniston lookalike and the real Aniston
instagram | @same.de.la.same

I wonder what it's like to look like somebody famous. I mean, people must come up to you all the time and ask for autographs and pictures, ha, ha. As a real person, this must be a very interesting situation. How would you react?

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and his lookalike
reddit | u/gene100001

"That time Adam Sandler discovered his doppelganger on Reddit and invited him to a film premiere."

So apparently, Adam Sandler saw a split-screen picture of this guy and himself on Reddit and was so impressed that he invited the guy to The Do-Over premiere. And get this, the guy's real name is Max Kessler, just like the name of Sandler's character name in the movie. Quite the coincidence, eh?

Emilia Clark (Daenerys from 'Game of Thrones')

split screen of Emilia Clark lookalike and Emilia as Khaleesi
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Who here was obsessed with Game of Thrones? Even though I got into the show a little late, once I started watching, I couldn't stop, hee-hee. I fell in love with Emilia Clark's character, Daenerys. This doppelganger went to a cosplay convention dressed as her, and people couldn't believe the resemblance.

Emma Watson (Hermione from 'Harry Potter')

Hermione lookalike and Emma Watson
instagram | @same.de.la.same

What if you could look like your favorite childhood character? Wouldn't that be cool? Well, I bet it's a real kick for this young lady to be able to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter at the drop of a hat, lol.

Demi Lovato

split screen of Demi Lovato lookalike and Demi herself
instagram | @same.de.la.sam

Oh my goodness, who's who here? I have a hard time figuring it out, hehe. This young lady here has been a fan of Lovato's for some time. And she also wants to be a singer. One time she did a performance, and people actually thought she was the real Demi.

Michael Caine

split screen of Michael Caine lookalike on the subway and the real Michael Caine
reddit | u/YogurtGhost

It must've been some trip to see Michael Caine asleep on the subway. Oh, wait, this isn't Michael Caine. It's only his doppelganger, hee-hee. But still, that's such an awesome sighting, no? I would have snapped a picture, too.

Kirsten Dunst

split screen of Kirsten Dunst lookalike and Kirsten Dunst
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Kirsten Dunst used to be one of my favorite actresses. I haven't seen anything she's done in a while, though. When I first saw the woman on the left, I almost thought it was Kirsten herself. It's quite the resemblance, eh?

Laura Prepon

split screen of Laura Prepon lookalike and the real Laura
reddit | u/casswilt

Fans of That '70s Show might see the nice resemblance of this lady to Laura Prepon. I think it's pretty close. I bet this lady is very flattered to be compared to a great comedic actress like that, huh?

Tom Holland

split screen of Tom Holland as Spiderman lookalike and the real Spiderman
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Who here wouldn't want to be Spider-man even for just one day? I would, ha, ha, since he's my favorite Marvel character. So the fact that this guy looks pretty much just like Tom Holland is pretty awesome, huh?

Angelina Jolie

split screen of Angelina Jolie lookalike and the real Angelina
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Okay, first of all, Angelina Jolie is one of my favorite actresses. I've been a fan of hers ever since I saw her in Hackers. I think this gorgeous lady here is so lucky to look like Angelina, no?

Brad Pitt

split screen of Brad Pitt lookalike and the real Pitt
instagram | @same.de.la.same

"The truth is that I'm used to being told I look like Brad Pitt, people tell me that all the time. I take it easy but obviously, I'm very flattered when they tell me that I look like him. People ask me to take pictures with me, it's crazy."

I wonder if Angelina Jolie would mistake him for Brad, huh?

Jason Statham

spllit screen of Jason Statham lookalike and Jason Statham
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Confession time: Jason Statham is kind of my crush. But shhh, don't tell my fiancé. Actually, he knows, ha, ha. So if I saw this man on the street, I totally would have freaked out. The two of them could be twins, no?

Brian Cranston

Brian Cranston lookalike and Brian Cranston
reddit | u/breakingbadmrwhite

"I have been told I was Bryan Cranston's doppelganger since Breaking Bad started. I went to San Diego for the Comicon this past summer so I could see him and see for myself. I wasn't disappointed. I am the OP of this picture, that's me on the left."

Will the real Brian Cranston please stand up, lol!

Lady Gaga

"I get stopped by strangers because I look like Gaga, oh the stories."

Oh, man, I would love to hear some of those stories, haha. I wonder if she ever got anywhere for free because people thought she was the real Gaga.

Scarlet Johansson

split screen of Scarlet Johansson lookalike and Scarlet herself
instagram | @same.de.la.same

I'm such a huge fan of Scarlet Johansson. I think she kicks butt in everything she does. So to be able to look like her would be quite cool, no? I had to do a double-take when I saw this lady here. He looks exactly the same. She definitely has good genes.


split screen of Bono lookalike and Bono
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Here's something funny, I have a friend who looks a lot like Bono. He's actually in a U2 tribute band. In fact, I know two U2 tribute bands, and I have been to many of their shows. Not only do some people think it's a real Bono, but everybody really gets into the whole performance. Oh, and by the way, I also met the real Bono — no kidding.

Keanu Reeves

split screen of Keanu Reeves impersonator and the real Keanu Reeves
instagram | @same.de.la.same

Check this out, this guy calls himself "The Brazilian Keanu Reeves". Apparently, he loves looking like Keanu Reeves. He was quoted as saying that "Looking like Keanu is fantastic. People stop in the street to take pictures with me and treat me like a celebrity. They also get crazy when they see me at parties or restaurants and they hug me a lot. Being Keanu is part of my job and I love it."


Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis lookalike on a bus and Bruce Willis himself
reddit | u/JM2845

OMG, what? How is this not Bruce Willis? Seriously, at first glance, I totally thought it was. Here he is just sitting on a bus. I wonder if this guy ever gets mistaken for the real thing, huh? What do you think?

Michael Cera

I love the sense of humor this woman has about her celebrity doppelganger. After all, how many women would admit that they look like Michael Cera? She even went all-out and wore a matching red shirt to complete the illusion. Love it!

So let me ask you a question.

Woman putting her hand up saying "no authographs please."
Giphy | Your Happy Workplace

If you could look like any celebrity, who would it be? I would have to pick Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie, hands down. Those two ladies are not only beautiful but super talented, too.

But I don't know if I could deal with all the attention that being a celebrity doppelganger brings. I don't quite fancy being chased down the street, ha, ha. How about you?