Boss Says She Dresses 'Inappropriately' In Mini Skirts And Crop Tops Because She's In Charge

Ashley Hunte
An empty office space
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No matter where you work and who you work for, you're expected to dress a certain way. That might mean a uniform, or a suit, or even jeans and a company shirt.

But when you are the boss, you kind of get to make your own rules. Does that mean you can dress "inappropriately" while at work, though? One TikToker challenges that idea.

Danielle Ormond is a company director based in Scotland.

Danielle Ormond's Friday work outfit.
TikTok | @deefc07

She posts frequently to her TikTok page (@deefc07) to a following of around 20,000 users. In August, she posted a short clip of her outfit while working hard on a Friday.

In the TikTok, she uses text overlay to say "working late, dressed inappropriately."

Ormond's outfit was the subject of a bit of controversy.
TikTok | @deefc07

She then sings, "here I am, once again," which is a line from "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. The video ends with a cheery "happy Friday" message.

The comments under the video were pretty divided.

Some people complimented Ormond's red crop top and jean miniskirt. One commenter even said, "Dress how u like unless the boss doesn’t agree lol."

Many, many users just took to the comments to act a little too thirsty, though.

Others felt that her outfit was much too inappropriate to wear while working.

A man pausing before saying, "Inappropriate."

One user commented, "Thirsty dudes are pathetic. smh. Guess the job isn't that important that requires you to dress professionally."

Another simply said, "look professional."

Of course, it seems that Ormond dresses like that while working pretty often.

Ormond is showing off another outfit she wore to work on a Friday.
TikTok | @deefc07

In another video, Danielle shows off her outfit of a brown blazer, a black corset top, and a black leather skirt, with text overlay that reads, "Friday work vibes."

And much like the other TikTok, comments were pretty mixed.

There were, of course, many adoring fans who mostly just show up to compliment Danielle. Others, meanwhile, point out that most office would never let you set foot in them while wearing such casual clothes.

In another TikTok made on the same day (and in the same outfit), Danielle addressed the fact that her business was barred from Facebook.

Danielle addresses whoever reported her business to Facebook.
TikTok | @deefc07

According to Ormond, somebody reported her business, and they are no longer allowed to advertise on Facebook.

She gets pretty angry over whoever did that.

A man shaking his head as he says, "Not cool, man, not cool."
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"I actually feel sorry for you, that your life is that empty that you have to go around sabotaging my business for absolutely no reason," she says, addressing the anonymous complainer.

She also mentions the fact that she isn't the only one affected by that report.

Children and adult-sized hands all in a pile.
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"My staff work really hard, they all have children, they all have bills to pay like the rest of us. And you don't just affect me, you affect them."

And while she's pretty angry, she still manages to wish everyone a great weekend.

Regardless of how you feel about the way Danielle dresses while working at the business she owns, you don't have to make it seem like she's committing a crime or anything.

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