'Karen' Goes Viral For Suggesting An Enforced Neighborhood Dress Code

Rae Batchelor
Three houses in a row on a street.
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One 'Karen' has gone viral after suggesting her neighborhood should enforce a dress code.

There's a lot to not love about people who think that they have a right to control how you live just because they live in the same neighborhood as you. Whether this is unreasonable demands or restrictions put in place by HOAs or just nosy neighbors, pretty much everyone has a story or two about something like this. One user shared their story in a screenshot on Reddit that has blown up and gotten the Internet talking.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a Facebook Neighborhoods post that read "Neighborhood dress code?"

A birds-eye view of a neighborhood.
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The user, whose name has been blocked out, continues by writing, "Has anyone ever thought about the positive impact on property value that enforcing a neighborhood dress code might have? I'd feel more comfortable if I knew what to expect to see when I went out everyday."

"I imagine that could make our values skyrocket over the next 12-19 months."

Kate Gosselin looking shocked over the words [Karening Intensifies]

"Happy to get a zoom call together for anyone interested in perusing [sic] this with me. Let me hear from you," the post ends. The people on Reddit clearly had some thoughts about this suggestion.

"Soon we’re going to be mowing our lawns in suits and ties," wrote one Reddit user.

"I'd love to see an HOA do this and then attempt to enforce it," added another.

"Welp I guess it's speedos and flip flops from now on," one commenter wrote.

A birds-eye view of a neighborhood and a roundabout.
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Another echoed that sentiment. "You don't want to enforce a dress code on me, trust me. I will find the silliest, most ridiculous clothes that technically fit the wording of the code. Tell me I have to wear a collared shirt? Ok, but you can bet your ass it's gonna be cyan with salmon polka dots and I am popping that collar! Shorts must be below the knee? Alright, how about golden genie shorts?" they wrote.

It's safe to say it was not a popular suggestion.

A man flipping away signs that say NO to reveal an identical sign underneath.

"It's funny how America is full of these little pocket dictatorships. Sorry. I mean home owners associations," wrote one user.

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