Billie Eilish Sports Controversial Shorts Trend From The '90s

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Billie standing on a stage in an empty stadium in a black baseball hat and black sweater.
instagram | @billieilish

In the world of fashion, history is bound to repeat itself, as old styles get revived every few decades or so for a blast of nostalgia. Or maybe just to laugh at a little, since some older trends were a little goofy.

Some are brought back in earnest though, no matter how divisive, which is exactly what signer Billie Eilish did in a recent Instagram post.

Billie Eilish is a fashion icon for the younger generations.

She's made headlines with her style choices throughout her years of stardom, and she definitely has a good sense about her, setting trends left and right and always proving she knows how to dress well.

Like with any art form, we've seen her pull influences from the past.

Including a recent Instagram post that has her in a certain article of clothing that might give people who lived through the '90s vivid flashbacks, namely unwelcome ones.

That's right, Bermuda shorts.

The first image in the above Instagram carousel shows Eilish on stage in a baseball cap, a large black sweater, and a pair of light blue cut-off denim Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda shorts have caused quite the debate in the past, with some fans still loving the wide-legged look, while others think they're completely out of style now and have no business existing.

Regardless, there's no denying that Billie knows how to style them.

It was a casual look for sure, but one that looked great on her and she wore well. Traveling around the world and being as busy as she is, I can't blame her for wanting to be as comfortable as possible!

h/t: Popsugar