18 People Who Found Something Creepy When Moving Into Their New Home

Kasia Mikolajczak
old house
Unsplash | Peter Herrmann

I don't know if I told you, but we're currently looking for a new place to live. And as with any new surroundings, you have to get used to it. But sometimes, you might actually discover something you didn't expect.

That's exactly what happened to these folks here. Once they moved into their new dwelling, they found that it was creepy as heck. And I sincerely hope that doesn't happen to me, hehe.

This Coincidence

scribbles in the attic
reddit | Reddit | u/n515o

"Found this in my girlfriend's loft. She only moved in 3 months ago and said she has never been up there. Guess what my name is..."

Um, okay! Either your girlfriend is playing a sick joke on your, or somebody doesn't want you hanging around, that's all.

This Nice Discovery

pentagram drawn on the floor of a house
reddit | Reddit | u/AdamPowers22

Speaking of pentagrams, what do you think of this one? Apparently, the new owners of this house found it when they got rid of the carpets. Is this a good or bad omen? Hmm, I wouldn't want to find out.

This Unusual Discovery

ball and chain somebody found in the basement of their new home
reddit | Reddit | u/franco-noce

"Found this in the basement of my new [home]."

Ah, don't worry, mate. As you can see, this is just the old ball and chain. I guess somebody is happy to have escaped this trap, hehe. Nothing else to see here, so move along.

This Totally Not Disturbing Find

creepy doll sitting on a duck somebody found in their basement
reddit | Reddit | u/beespartan

"The former homeowners forgot someone ..."

Um, this is why I'm not a fan of old houses. Somehow I always imagine finding something like that. And this unlucky person had the pleasure of discovering this lovely sight. Oh, crap!

This Gross Encounter

gross light switch covered by human teeth
reddit | Reddit | u/shutterslaps

"A friend who is a realtor turned on the light switch for clients when viewing a house and almost ran out of the house."

OMG, yuck! If this isn't the perfect moment that calls for using hand sanitizer, I don't know what is, haha. Get the heck out of this house and STAT!

This Disturbing Discovery

bones somebody found in their basement
reddit | Reddit | u/mlf2721

"Why are there bones in my basement?"

You mean, there shouldn't be bones in a basement? Where else would they go? Here's something funny somebody said on Reddit: "You know when people buy a house and say 'It needs work. But it has good bones.' This is what they mean."


This Airbnb Incident

attic in an Airbnb
reddit | Reddit | u/thousand7734

"Staying in an Airbnb. Woke up this morning to find the cover to access the attic completely moved."

Completely natural. Go back to sleep. Nothing to worry about. I'm sure all those stories about previous guests missing were false.

This Terrifying Scene

disturbing grafitti on a wall somebody found in a house they bought
reddit | Reddit | u/BoyMuzz

"I moved into a new house, only to be told the previous tenants were hardcore drug dealers. This is the basement."

"I mean is it really that hard/expensive to do a paint job before listing the house?"

That's exactly my sentiments.

This Lovely Picture

weird picture somebody found in an Airbnb
reddit | Reddit | u/OldSchool516er

"The only picture on the wall of the bedroom in the Airbnb we just stayed at."

Seriously? What kind of places do people rent out as an Airbnb these days? Is this normal? I've never stayed in one, so I'm genuinely asking because I don't know.

This Prankster

something wrapped in a plastic bag with tag that says "dead body."
reddit | Reddit | u/ClompChomp

"The previous owner of my new home left a few things in the attic. This card slipped out when I moved the bag."

I bet your mind went racing there for a second, eh? I hate to disappoint you, but it's only a plastic Christmas tree. I had you going there for a while, though.

This Welcome To The Neighborhood

weird rock statue and human tooth somebody found on their porch
reddit | Reddit | u/Toddses

"Found this on our front porch after the second night in our new house. Yes, that is a human tooth."

"I hope you filed a police report. It's either a nutter casting spells to get the previous owner to move, not realizing they did.. or someone trying to do it to you - either way, you never know how nutter a nutter might get."

OMG, wow!

This Ominous Message

dead fish somebody found on their porch
reddit | Reddit | u/ReadAlex

"Just moved into my first house, found this on the front porch... is this a message?"

"You have a cat now. You don't know the cat personally yet but you have one."

Haha! I here I thought it was some kind of message from The Godfather. Phew!

This Obvious Find

a grave somebody found in their backyard
reddit | Reddit | u/klokwerkz

"Newly purchased home: Clearly a grave in my backyard...right?"

Do you even have to ask? You only need to find out whether this was a pet or an actual person. Then you can decide to stay or run.

This Photo Album

very odd set of black and white photos
reddit | Reddit | u/gone_insane

"These are photos we found when moving into our new student housing today..."

Um, what the heck is this? If I were the one who discovered these, I would have plenty of questions for the residence's owners. There's no way I would just stay there and take it as it is.

This Vacation Nightmare

disturbing creature tied to a cross found in a yard of a house somebody rented
reddit | Reddit | u/Enhance1 9 years ago

"Went on vacation and found this in the yard of the place we rented."

Does this house belong to the Jeepers Creepers' gang? If it does, then run for your life. But then again, it might be too late now.

This Disturbing Find

Business card of John Wayne Gacy somebody found
reddit | Reddit | u/watchperson1

"John Wayne Gacy did construction for my grandparents and we found his business card while going through some stuff today."

That's one souvenir I wouldn't want to keep. If you've been living under a rock, you must know that John Gacy was a serial killer and definitely not the kind of person you would like to encounter.

This Eerie Attic

naked manequins lying in an attic
reddit | Reddit | u/Elaflynts

"Went in the attic of a house we were looking at aannd...."

Just your common, run-of-the-mill mannequin storage, as every house has, right?

Um, heck no! I would get the hell out of there and fast, hehe.

This Odd Find

prison cell built under someone's house stairs
reddit | Reddit | u/Grapple_Snapple

"Doing electrical work in this house that was built in the 1800s and there’s a prison cell under the basement stairs."

I'm sorry, what? Why is there a prison cell under the stairs of someone's house? That's what I would be asking a real estate agent, haha.

Okay, wherever we end up, I hope we don't find anything like that.

man saying "that's creepy."
Giphy | Desus & Mero

Yikes! Honestly, if I discovered these creepy scenes, I don't think I could sleep at night. How about you? Have you ever found something scary in a new home or place you have stayed at, huh? I need to know all about it. So, please share with us.