Couple Finds Creepy Box With Ominous Message After Buying House From 1920s

Mason Joseph Zimmer
hand opening old wooden box
TikTok | @geebeetv

Old houses have a lot of character and can sometimes be more affordable than modern homes, but they also come with some unique drawbacks.

For one thing, their age often means that they require extensive renovations that will either cost a lot of time, money, or both to make them safe to live in.

But it's also true that when a house changes hands multiple times over the course of an entire century, there's a chance that one of the previous owners left something weird and often really creepy inside.

Sometimes it's hard not to feel that these are pranks people left behind to make us feel like we're living in a horror story, but other cases can make us think that something legitimately terrible happened there and stayed hidden for decades.

And the lengths that one previous owner went to conceal a mysterious discovery has a lot of people worried.

On January 16, a couple who go by GeeBeeTV on TikTok uploaded the first of a series of videos chronicling their adventures with their new house.

And while they mentioned that they had bought the house built during the 1920s at a pandemic auction without checking the paperwork, it seems they had initially just intended to show their progress in renovating it.

However, their priorities shifted about a month later when they discovered this strange box in the attic.

And while they would eventually discover that the message carved into the box said "Do not release" in Welsh, their curiosity wouldn't let them leave it alone.

This led them to start searching for a key, but a stroke of luck had made that search a little easier than the couple expected.

Because as we can see in this follow-up video, they noticed that this mirror had some rattling inside whenever they moved it.

So since they were already tempting fate, they decided to smash the mirror with a hammer and sure enough, there was a key sealed behind the glass.

And despite the fact that the millions of curious viewers they attracted warned them with comments like "This is literally the plot to 99% of horror movies," they forged ahead and opened the box.

As you can see in this clip, the results were about as creepy as you might expect.

Not only did they find a Ouija board pointer that someone apparently tried to burn, but they also also found a small necklace with a pendant and a lock of somebody's hair.

But what really excited their curiosity was the fact that this box had another key in it.

And as the couple discovered while they were working under the floorboards, that key belonged to a second box the previous owners were trying even harder to keep them from opening.

Because as their most recent follow-up at the time of this writing makes clear, the box was sealed with so much wax that while the key fits, it doesn't work.

But while we can see by the end of this video that they managed to get the box open anyway, it seems we'll have to wait and see what's inside...assuming the couple is ever able to show us.

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