15 Of The Cutest Pet Halloween Costumes We Ever Did See

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A puppy in a sheet ghost costume.
twitter | @HappyChica21

Halloween is such a fun holiday because it gives you the excuse to dress up in whatever wild outfit you can dream of and not only will people not question you about it, but they'll cheer you on!

That excuse also extends to your pets, who you not only can dress up in little costumes, but you actually should.

When a Twitter user asked people to share their pets in costume, owners everywhere were more than happy to share, and we picked 15 of the best ones we saw!

Starting off with an absolute icon.

This little pup looks ready to lay down the law. If you ever find yourself in her court, you better come prepared.

In the case of the missing dog treats, this judge finds you guilty, and sentences you to extra fetch time!

Pupward Scissorpaws.

I've never seen a dog so perfectly capture a human expression before, but he really does look like Depp as he appeared in the movie! The pale face, the dark eyes, the resemblance is simply uncanny...

Rootin' tootin' cowboy shootin'.

I wanted to make sure we got a cat on this list as I find they tend to be way less tolerant of costumes than dogs are, and let's be honest, this kitty is absolutely rockin' this sheriff outfit.

This is just too cute.

The way his body is perfectly hidden behind the costume? Immaculate, incredible, a real 10/10 picture here. I've never seen a more perfect ewok in all my days.

A sweet treat.

You know this costume is great because not only is it cute, creative, and well executed, but it gave this dog's owners the perfect excuse to buy and eat a tub of ice cream beforehand!


The yoga mats in the back tell me this is a goat yoga class, which makes this even better.

Not only is it yoga with goats, already one of the greatest modern inventions, but now this little guy is dressed as a sunflower? I would never leave.

We love a pun.

A costume that's not only incredibly cute, what with the paw motifs and the bone cross, but also a play on words? That deserves some sort of award, surely.

Not to mention the professional-looking photo, top-notch all around!

This is everything I wanted.

Are we sure she's the bad guy? She looks too precious for that.

Really though, I've never seen a dog wear a wig so well. Green really is her color.

Oldie but goldie.

I can't tell what the best part is. The little canes? The glasses? The purse? The hat? It's all so perfect. And, of course, these two are fully in character it looks like, really posing for the camera.

Casual shellfish.

I didn't even know they made Halloween costumes this little. I also didn't know I needed to see a guinea pig dressed as a lobster. But now I know both of these things and I'm better for it.

A cute classic!

It's not Halloween without a good sheet ghost, and this just might be the cutest sheet ghost out there! He looks so proud of his little outfit. 10/10 would be haunted by him any day.

Legends only.

Not only is the costume amazing, but so is the post. She's in the middle of her howling-only rendition of 'Jolene' and you can feel the emotion through the screen. Someone get this dog on a stage, the world needs to hear her voice!

The tiniest costumes.

Wait, first the guinea pigs, now this? How small can Halloween costumes become? I need to know.

In the meantime, I can greatly appreciate these two rat friends in their finest wares. They look great!

Prehistoric dress-up.

And now the opposite end of the spectrum, some very very big Halloween pet costumes! This is so good, they make for some truly ferocious-looking dinos, though I imagine they're way easier to tame.

Step right up!

Who wouldn't wanna get a few kisses from this precious boy? It doesn't even look like he's charging, but he should be, he could make a killing. Just look at that smile!