Josh laying on a bridge.
TikTok | @living_dead_josh

A standard acting audition goes as such, you perform in front of the casting director, they measure you up against all the other people who auditioned in their mind, then you wait and either hear that you got cast, or that you didn't.

For one man, he decided to do things a little differently. In order to fulfill his dream of being a dead body in a movie or TV show, he went viral by pretending to be dead every day for almost a year.

A man on TikTok took a rather unconventional approach to an audition.

On October 24, 2021, Josh Nalley posted the first in what would become a long series of TikToks where he lays motionless on the ground, pretending to be dead.


His goal was to be cast as a dead body in a show or movie, so he was simply displaying his talent.

He posted a video every single day of him laying prone in a new location with new gimmicks to show his versatility as a dead body.

He posed dead in his home, dead on a bridge.

Dead in front of his family, dead at local landmarks, dead on the road. Some videos featured the means of his death, like a fake axe in his head, but many had no clear cause.

The more videos he posted, the more views he got.

Tons of people began following his journey, his account sporting over 120k followers as of writing.

Some videos went more viral than others, the original version of the post above had over 7 million views!

It was an ambitious project, no doubt.

One that paid off, because he got a role!

After 321 days of pretending to be dead, Nalley announced that he was cast as a body in the second season of CSI: Vegas!

He was incredibly grateful.

He made a video thanking his followers for commenting and boosting his videos, as well as his friends and family who helped film his many, many videos.

He also said that he would be sharing some behind-the-scenes videos of what being a professional dead body is really like.

The comments were unbelievably happy for him.

CSI: Vegas's comment on Josh's announcement post.
TikTok | @living_dead_josh

Tons of people were cheering him on and congratulating him on fulfilling his dream. He showed immense dedication with this project and seeing it get him exactly where he wanted to be is so heart-warming.

Wait, does that mean no more videos of him pretending to be dead?

Not at all! He plans on continuing to lay prone wherever he can manage.

He started a new series, wherein he pretended to be dead every day until the premiere of CSI: Vegas season two, then another where he pretends to be dead until the episode he's in airs.

After that, who knows?

The world is truly his oyster, as he's continued to get more and more creative with his fake death spots as the series went on.

Maybe this role will launch him into dead-body stardom, and we'll see him laying around in every crime show on television!

h/t: LADBible