Writer Says Women Shouldn't Undress In Front Of Their Husbands And The Internet Has Some Thoughts

Rae Batchelor
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Isn't one of the draws of a long-term relationship supposed to be that once you get to that point with someone, you're comfortable enough to let yourself relax around that person? Sure, not everyone is going to go as far as two toilets in the bathroom, but being comfortable around your partner is supposed to be a good thing, right?

Not according to one author, whose opinion piece is rattling the internet.

It all started with an opinion piece written by author Jules Cook.

"I’ve been married 13 years and have never undressed in front of my husband – it keeps the romance alive," the opinion piece reads. "I’m not Catholic – I have no religious reason to dress behind closed doors."

"In fact, I’d go as far to say that I think if more people [did the same], we’d all have happier marriages," she writes.

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"When it’s time to get ready for the night, I slink off to the bathroom to get my PJs on. I then come back into the bedroom, fully clothed in my nightwear, before getting into bed," Cook explains.

"This is how I’ve always done it, tired or not. Likewise, I don’t let my husband in when I’m in the bath, doing my makeup or – God forbid – going to the loo."

"My husband is used to my ‘prudishness,’" Cook adds.

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"I’ve heard stories of so many women who let their husbands in on all their little secrets – watching them shave their legs, sitting on the loo when they’re in the bath, sitting and looking at how they apply make-up," she writes. "I have never understood it. I believe in ‘keeping something back’ – lose the magic in marriage and you may as well say goodbye."

"It’s the same with blowing wind, burping, nose-picking, shaving, hair-dyeing and all of those personal things. I’ve never done it with my husband and don’t understand people who do."

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"Getting changed in front of one’s other half every night isn’t just awkward if you’re shy, it’s a passion killer. There’s nothing particularly endearing about watching someone struggle to take off their tights."

"How do all these people still find each other attractive? No wonder so many people have affairs," Cook suggests.

Of course, people online had a LOT to say about this idea, and they took to Twitter to do so.

"Tell me you’re in a loveless relationship without telling me you’re in a loveless relationship," tweeted one person.

Others expressed that they'd never want to be in a relationship like the one Cook described.

"Avoiding authenticity and congruence in a relationship is the perfect recipe for losing touch of your own humanity and then throwing yourself down some stairs in a fit of distressed rage," added someone else.

It was not a popular opinion.

"ha jokes on you buddy I don't even wear a bra. i may have also been in the same trackies for "x" number of days before," shared one Twitter user.

"I mean fair enough if it works for her but if my partner doesn't still think I'm adorable when I'm peeling off all my clothes like a goofy onion then that's just sad," wrote @IndustrialPet.

What do you think? Do you think there should be a little bit of magic kept alive in relationships this way, or would you rather be comfortable and at-home with your partner? Let us know how you feel in the comments!