Ellen DeGeneres Announces New Series Just 5 Months After Show Was Cancelled

Rae Batchelor
Ellen DeGeneres.
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She's back!

The pandemic has certainly been an interesting time for a lot of people, especially for celebrities who got a lot of backlash that they had never received before in their career. Whether it was Gal Gadot's Imagine video or yet another Kardashian misfire, celebrities were being called out left and right.

But maybe none as dramatically as Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen was a staple of daytime TV for 19 seasons.

Ellen applauding at an awards show.
Giphy | Golden Globes

The Ellen Show ran for almost two decades and won an impressive amount of awards — 32 Daytime Emmy Awards alone!

Ellen's casual interview style and charm was a huge draw for viewers, but it turned out that behind the scenes, things weren't necessarily as they seemed, with workers who began to call out a toxic workplace environment on set.

Ellen addressed these issues on the show itself.

She stated that she had "learned that things happened here that never should have happened" and that the show "made the necessary changes."

Unfortunately, the show ended five months ago after 19 seasons. But it looks like Ellen is back, with a new YouTube series she's just announced!

"Hey everybody, how you doin'?" Ellen said in a teaser video promoting the new series.

"Lately, I've been taking some time for just myself, away from the cameras, and I've been having such a great time, I thought I would share some of what I've been doing with you."

Ellen then told her wife Portia to "Get the camera!"

"In the wake of the Great Resignation, she's reconnecting with her audience who may also have more time on their hands, and if not, could certainly use some," "In this new series shot at her home, Ellen shares her own attempts to try new things and make a little me time in her own very Ellen way," the logline for the show, called About Time For Yourself... With Ellen reads.

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