Megan Fox Called Out For 'Romanticizing' Addiction In Deleted Instagram Post

Rae Batchelor
Megan Fox smolders at the camera.
instagram | @meganfox

Megan Fox is being called out on Twitter after a deleted Instagram post that fans claim "romanticized" drug addiction.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are no strangers to making headlines when it comes to their relationship, whether they're talking about drinking each other's blood or getting custom engagement rings designed to hurt when they're taken off. Most recently, Megan has caught some heat for what fans have deemed was an insensitive Instagram caption on a photo of MGK.

A deleted Instagram caption as posted by Megan Fox.
twitter | @headabovewater

"Also @machinegunkelly this was my favorite fit of yours so far on tour," Megan added near the bottom of the caption, as screenshot by a Twitter user. "Watching you rap your ass off wearing a tight green chain mail scoop neck tank top, looking like Link if he had abandoned his quest for Zelda and instead become an elven underworld prince with a moderate to severe drug addiction... was just," she wrote, adding a tongue sticking out emoji and the water droplet emoji.

Fans took issue with Megan making the implication that "moderate to severe drug addiction" was attractive.

Although Megan deleted the post immediately, a screenshot went viral on Twitter.

"As a self proclaimed feminist you think megan fox would be talking about the rights of women being taken away, but instead she’s choosing to post on instagram romanticizing machine gun kelly’s addiction," one fan tweeted.

"I saw this and got so hurt and upset," one fan shared.

"If you have a moderate to severe drug addiction don't worry megan fox will just tell you that you're just in a silly goofy mood," tweeted one fan.

Fans felt she should have been more sensitive, given MGK's history with drug use.

"This doesn’t just hurt kells, but those who suffer from addiction. It just makes it seem as if we can’t get better. Disgusting way of thinking Megan fox," one fan added.

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