Kate Hudson Under Fire For Letting Her Three-Year-Old Use A Pacifier

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Kate Hudson holding Rani, who has a pacifier in her mouth.
instagram | @katehudson

When posting photos of one's children online, parents immediately open themselves up to criticism from people they've never met who decide they're doing parenting wrong. Not even the most famous among us are free from that.

Actress Kate Hudson learned this after posting a photo of her three-year-old daughter who had a pacifier in her mouth, leading critics to descend from every corner and say something.

Kate Hudson had critics riled up.

It all began with a photo she uploaded to her Instagram of her holding her three-year-old daughter, Rani.

In the photo, Rani has a pacifier in her mouth, a fact that had people rushing to the comments.

They worried she was too old to be using a pacifier.

"Get rid of that stupid pacifier," read one aggressive comment.

"I have a cousin whose mouth & teeth were affected from overuse of a binky for too many years. [...] She’s your kid, so it’s not my problem, but she’s WAY to old for that and being an enabler isn’t helpful," explained another.

Of course, for every discouraging comment, there were supportive ones.

As one fan of Hudson's wrote, "Adorable! Love the two of you just enjoying life! Ignore the haters! [...] You do you! Glad your precious daughter can be a kid and enjoy her childhood and not rushed to grow up too fast! What a great momma you are!"

The worried comments aren't entirely wrong.

The American Academy of Pediatrics actually warns against prolonged pacifier use. As their website reads, "If your child sucks strongly on a pacifier or his thumb or fingers beyond 2 to 4 years of age, this behavior may affect the shape of his mouth or how his teeth are lining up."

However, any potential damage can be negated.

They advise making sure the behavior is curbed before the child's adult teeth come in. That alone should be enough to fix any misalignment caused by pacifiers!

So, while it's natural for people to be concerned, Rani is sure to be just fine, something Hudson probably already knew!

h/t: mom.com