Bridezilla Says Bridesmaid 'Ruined' Wedding Photos Over Something She Can't Control

Ashley Hunte
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Have you ever had a friend who was so horrible, it made you wonder why you put up with them in the first place? That was Casey Costa's experience. And it only got worse when she joined that friend's wedding party.

On her TikTok account (@costalicious), Casey posted a series of videos about this same friend (dubbed Cruella) and the horrible things she'd done over the years.

Which included inviting Casey into the wedding party, and then getting mad that she was "too short."

It all started when Casey posted a video asking the world if anyone else had a friend who was unnecessarily condescending and mean. In that TikTok, which has amassed over 2 million views, Casey spilled a lot of tea.

But it also had the internet wanting more.

Casey's ex friend "Cruella" only wanted blonde bridesmaids.
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Casey immediately followed up by telling the story of how Cruella chose her as a bridesmaid: "So when Cruella DeVil was getting married, she only wanted her bridal party to be blondes."

"So she asked me to be a bridesmaid, and the rest of her bridal party were her sorority sisters from back in college."

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"Now, she's not friends with a single person in that bridal party today," she continues. "Common denominator? I think so."

"The best part is when she received her final wedding photos, the final edits, she texts me furious."

Cruella was mad at Casey for being too short.

"So angry with me, that I ruined her wedding photos." Casey, who is 4'10", was apparently "too short" to be in the photos.

Casey just tells Cruella to crop her out, since she was at the end.

She then mentions that Cruella and the man she'd married at that wedding are now divorced, and he happens to be seeing girls in Cruella's former friend group.

But of course, that's not even the whole story.

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Because Casey, in fact, has a lot more to say.

In another TikTok, Casey says that, a few weeks before the wedding, Cruella had asked her to give a speech at her wedding.

"So a few weeks before the wedding she sends an email out to all of the bridal party with the full itinerary."

Casey thought she was getting the same email as everyone else.
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And in the email, it says that the maid of honor and Casey are going to be giving speeches.

But when the day comes, things don't quite go as planned.

Casey's speech wasn't received the way she thought it would be.
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The maid of honor gives her speech, and then it's Casey's turn. "Mind you, all of the bridesmaids are looking at me extremely shocked as if their dead grandmother was saying a speech."

Then, the bridesmaids are furious because she "just grabbed the mic and started talking."

They claim that the email didn't say she was giving a speech, and when Casey showed the email she got, she realized that Cruella had given her a different email from everyone else, just to be vindictive.

The internet is in complete awe over this drama.

A woman saying, "That's, like, wild."

Casey further clarifies in a separate TikTok that the other bridesmaids were apologetic when they learned the truth.

She has many more stories to share on her TikTok page (but fair warning, some of the stories contain triggering elements).

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