Woman Shares Why People Should Lie For One Particular Interview Question

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Everyone lies in interviews.

There's no way you're going to spill the actual truth about yourself, like how you're lazy and always running late. Let the job figure that out after they hire you, amirite?!

But there is one loophole that will make you feel better about your tall tales. These are called “professional lies" and, according to a career expert on TikTok, they could be what stands between you and your next job.

When you have an upcoming interview, preparation is key. 

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This helps you feel more confident and stand out from other candidates.

Part of the process is coming up with a few common questions hiring managers will ask you and practicing your answers. 

The run-of-the-mill questions you’ll almost always get include “tell us about yourself?”

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“Where do you see yourself in five years?" And “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Another common question is: "Tell me about a time you encountered a challenge at one of your previous positions and how you handled it."

This gives your potential employer the opportunity to see how you react under pressure.

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Do you fold under the stress or do you rise to the challenge? 

But what if your previous job was uneventful and you can’t think of any particular challenge? 

Do you say you don’t have an answer for that or make up a far-fetched story about how you saved the boss’s daughter or went head-to-head with a Karen?

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The right answer: lie! This surprising advice comes from life coach and TikToker Tashe Gray

“When an employer asks, ‘what’s an obstacle you have faced and what you did to overcome it?’ You could tell the truth or you could just lie," she said in her viral video. 

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"Just lie. There's no way for them to verify the story at all," she continued.

Her advice comes in two parts.

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"Number one, the obstacle that you name, you better make sure it's a juicy one. Make sure it's a very interesting obstacle." The second rule is to make sure your story and delivery are convincing.

"Number two: speak clearly, don't stumble. You need to know the words that you are going to speak before you speak them."

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If you're stumbling over your words, your voice is shaking, or you're taking too long to think of what to say, you'll come off as a liar.

Since the advice encouraged people to lie, many found it controversial.

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"U feel good about that? What if they mention it at a outing u bring a family member to. No lies no good," one person wrote. "How about telling the truth. Being authentic and transparent goes a long way," another added.

Others were willing to give it a try.

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"Imma start using the plot of Tyler Perry movies," one joked. "Yes! Please let’s encourage this in all areas of life," another person wrote. Many users shared how they've already been lying in interviews.

"I ALWAYS LIE!! Girl I write down EVERYTHING like a damn movie script, study it & do a lil freestyle on the spot but the same story line," one girl shared.

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"I come up with a new story on the spot every time and I be amazed how that lie just be flowing," added another user.

Even a recruiter encouraged Tashe's method!

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"As a recruiter who’s asks this question I 100% agree. I don’t care if you’re lying. I care that you can problem solve, even in a hypothetical scenario," they wrote.

You heard it here, folks. Lying works! runs off to create a dating profile where we're size 2