Nursing Home Apologizes After Stripper Is Accidentally Hired For Residents

Sarah Kester
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One nursing home had blood pressure monitors beeping like crazy recently.

And no, it wasn’t because it was Taco Tuesday!

It’s because a nursing home in Taiwan booked a stripper for an entertaining “extra-curricular” activity for their residents. Talk about a progressive home!

After a stir was caused online, the home was forced to apologize. 

The ~~stripclub~~ nursing home is Taoyuan Veterans Home in Taiwan. 

Older men
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The state-run facility houses retired army personnel. They decided to hire a stripper for the residents to celebrate an important part of Chinese culture: the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival.

This is a tradition in Chinese culture that celebrates the wheat and rice harvests of the season.

Stripper from The Office
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It’s hard to understand what a stripper has to do with this, but, alas, the home hired her anyways. When in doubt, hire strippers, amirite?

This led to a huge viral moment online after one of the attendees recorded a video of the festivities. 

Stripper dancing in front of older man
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The adult entertainer appeared to be having fun with the residents as she laid down on the floor with her legs open.

She then commenced a lap dance on one of the residents in a wheelchair. 

Stripper on older man's lap
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People seemed to be enjoying the fun, as there was a chorus of clapping, laughter, and cheering in the background. This certainly wasn't a regular Tuesday for them.

There was a lot of laughter when the stripper bounced up and down in front of an older gentleman.

Stripper on The Office
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She placed his hands on her breast and encouraged him to squeeze them.

The exotic performer laughed and then kissed him on the top of his head.

As soon as videos of the unorthodox event went viral, hundreds of reactions rolled in. 

Woman saying "why are we doing this?"
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These ranged from anger to outrage to those who thought that it was awesome. The majority, though, believed that hiring a stripper for these veterans was inappropriate. 

"Really! Why would they think that something like this would be appropriate for everyone in this audience?" one Facebook wrote. 

Stripper on an older man
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"This is stupid and ridiculous. How about treating them well and with dignity, respect and honour," added another outraged person.

Some, however, were all for the nursing home’s decision to hire an exotic performer. 

Woman saying "yes, bitch, yes"
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"God forbid these men get one last interaction with a scantily-clad woman before their quickly-approaching demise."

Some argued that the older gentlemen seemed to be having the time of their lives.

"Don’t know, Grandpa seems to be enjoying himself," a commenter wrote.

Woman with legs open
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"It also seems that everyone else was clapping their hands. I say, let them enjoy themselves,” wrote another. A stripper certainly would be something to spark life in those vets.

Although some were all for the stripper, the nursing home still issued out an apology.

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“The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused," they wrote in a statement.

The spokesperson for the facility added that some moves from the dancer were "too enthusiastic and fiery."

They added that they would need to be "more cautious" when planning future events.

Well, it's only fair now to give the ladies of the home a male stripper!

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