Fed-Up Homeowner Shames Neighbors For Not Picking Up Their Dogs' Poop

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman walking dogs in a park
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Let me ask you something: Are you a dog lover? Awesome. So if you do have a dog, I assume you take them for a walk? Am I right? And of course, being a good person, you must pick up after your pooch when they're done doing their business, no?

Well, as it turns out, not all dog owners are as responsible. And one person in a specific Toronto neighborhood took it upon themselves to shame them most creatively. Come check this out.

Get a load of this story here.

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A quiet, residential neighborhood near Yonge and Finch in Toronto appears to have a dog poop problem, and at least one person is totally fed up with it. So much so that they did something quite unusual.

Want to know what they did?

split screen of sign and dog poop
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They put up a sign shaming dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs and left it for everyone to see. But that's not all. Get this — they actually picked up all the dog poop bags left behind and placed them near the sign.

They did what?

surprised dog with written sign that says "what/"
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Oh, yeah, that's right. This fed-up vigilante actually picked up approximately 30 bags of individually wrapped dog poop and left it in one place for everyone to see. Ha, ha, can you imagine that? They must've been really mad to do that, huh?

And the internet went wild.

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Somebody took a picture of the sign and the poop bags and posted it on Facebook. The story got even picked up by BlogTO, and ever since then — people have started to comment about it, lol.

Apparently, this isn't an isolated incident

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Many people have said that this is a problem all over Toronto. Oh my goodness. You don't say. I'm pretty glad I moved out of the city and into a much cleaner neighborhood. There's still an occasional dog poop here but it's manageable.

This isn't the first time people shamed careless dog owners.

sign and dog poop
reddit | u/sunniestgir

I've seen other displeased neighbors call out their dog-loving counterparts. Here's another sign somebody made. And then the dog owner lets their dog poop all over it. OMG. That's just not right.

What's happening here?

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BlogTO | BlogTO

Is it just me, or are people becoming more careless? I mean, if you go through the trouble of carrying a bag to put your dog's poop in, then why not properly dispose of it? There are garbage bins everywhere in the city, no?

I don't get it.

Will Ferrel laughing

It's funny though that somebody took the time to pick up all that doggie poop and arranged it so nicely on a display for everyone to see. I don't think I would have grabbed any of those bags myself. That's gross, ha, ha.

What do you think of this story?

woman walking with a dog in a park
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Does it make you laugh, or does it make you angry? I guess a little bit of both, huh? I think it's hilarious that somebody did that, but on the other hand, they must've been very fed up. And this brings the issue to the forefront, no? Perhaps dog owners will finally start to take responsibility and pick up after their dogs. At least I'm hoping for that.