20 Times Jerks Got A Visit From Instant Karma

Ashley Hunte
A car that's been surrounded by carts that have been zip tied to the doors.
reddit | OhighOpyro

There are two types of people: those who believe karma is real, and liars. Karma is definitely a thing, good or bad. And it'll get us all at some point.

The people in this list definitely got hit with some bad karma. But, like, they totally had it coming. And I honestly can't say that I'm mad about it.

Be nice, and people will be nice to you.

A story about a gay boy who tutored and then was supported by gang members.
reddit | ItsKristinG

They always say to be careful of the company you keep. In this kid's case, though, it kind of worked out. Not that beating someone up is okay, but being a homophobe is, like, extra not okay, so...

"To commit a hate crime."

A story about teens committing a hate crime, only to be caught when their phones connected to the campus wifi.
reddit | Xultron

There are at least a million reasons why you shouldn't commit a hate crime, and the fact that you'll probably get caught is definitely one of them. Even if you think it's just a funny prank (it isn't), someone will figure you out, and you'll get what's coming.

There are driving rules for a reason.

Wow, to think that somebody got pulled over because they actually deserved it (and not because they were driving ever so slightly over the speed limit). Maybe that'll teach this guy to stop being such a jerk on the road.

You'd think a lawyer would know better.

Really, this guy is a lawyer and still thought it was okay to slap someone else? Constable or not, this guy got what was coming (but the fact that she presented him makes it even better).

You're in labor, and you're trying to be picky?

All I know about childbirth is that it's incredibly painful. Which means having multiples must be twice as painful. If you're really going to be racist toward the people delivering your babies, don't expect them to feel bad when you're in pain.

Underaged drinking never pays.

And you just know that the dad knew that she'd replaced that vodka with water years ago, and was probably waiting for a chance like this to get back at her. Don't drink when you're underage, kids, and definitely don't steal your parents' booze.

"What’s on the menu? Karma Dawg!"

A story about a woman who was pregnant and sick, got denied a train seat, and then threw up over the man who denied her the seat.
reddit | farrukhsshah

The worst part about this story was that he cried "equality" without actually treating that woman as an equal. Like, you're supposed to give your seat up to pregnant, elderly, and disabled people when they need it. Maybe this'll teach that guy to have more compassion.

"Take something that isn't yours? Have fun with the infestation!"

A story about a person who had a bed bug-infested mattress stolen from them.
reddit | PokeMasterBon

I think the moral of the story is, never steal a mattress. Like, ever. On top of the fact that you have no idea where it's been, you also never know what might be hiding in it.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I think the moral of this story is, be nicer to people who honk at you, because you never know what they're actually trying to say. Or maybe it's that you shouldn't put things on your car roof when you open the door.

Sounds like she dodged a bullet, actually.

Not wanting ginger kids is bad enough, but grandkids!? This woman definitely dodged a bullet, because having to deal with a mother-in-law like that would probably completely destroy the relationship in a long run, anyway.

"California woman who coughed on an Uber driver says she'll only use Lyft, Lyft says no."

A woman who refused to wear a mask during pandemic mask mandates, who coughed on an Uber driver, then pledged to only use Lyft, to which Lyft responded by banning her.
reddit | Hipple

Considering the fact that, whether you have Covid (or any other disease) or not, intentionally coughing on someone is considered assault, this woman definitely got hers.

"Beautifully done and well deserved."

A car double parked in a bus parking lot, surrounded by other buses.
reddit | GallowBoob

Double parking is bad enough, but to do so in a parking space designed for buses? I hope no one moves any of those vehicles, and the parked car is stuck there for days. The driver can walk home.

Did he really think he could get away with it?

From the looks of it, a lot of cheaters are going to get some painful karma. But the fact that the dude who made the law is one of them? Amazing.

Or maybe you could just communicate normally.

If the person I was seeing randomly decided to ghost me for two weeks, I'd move on, too. All these texting "rules" make no sense, and the people who follow them probably don't have relationships that last long.

"This is what happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant and a fire breaks out."

A car parked in front of a fire hydrant, with a hose broken through its windows to get to the hydrant.
reddit | Monty7384

If you're going to park in front of a fire hydrant, you deserve broken windows, a fine, and more, probably. Getting in the way of something that could save lives is beyond sleazy.

"Apartment complex Justice."

A person who sent a message to someone in their complex who stole their tea, which had actually been spiked with pee.
reddit | Scolgan

As hilarious as this one is, I'm kind of concerned by how much effort the person went to in order to get back at the tea thief. Maybe just put a "do not touch" sign next it next time.

"To the driver of the white Acura RDX, license xxx-06A (for privacy) who threw their Taco Bell drive-thru garbage out the window onto Lougheed Highway at Chilko, I’ve got your garbage."

A man holding a littered Taco Bell bad.
Facebook | Richard Stewart

"I will drop off your garbage and your full license plate number with Bylaw Enforcement; you can pick it up there, or they can deliver it to your home address (though they might have some paperwork for you.) Litter and illegal dumping costs Coquitlam residents hundreds of thousands of dollars each year."

Yeah, don't litter. Especially not out of a car.

"Someone took justice into their own hands at my local grocery store."

A car outside of a Kroger that has carts zip tied to it, because it was parked in 2 spaces.
reddit | OhighOpyro

I think the worst part about this story is the fact that this woman seems like the type who wouldn't put those carts away. Despite literally being parked next to the corral.

"Sometimes it pays to have a dirty car. My son got rear ended last night, the other driver was aggressive and left without exchanging info."

The back of a car with a license plate embedded in the dirt.
reddit | Veriera

Look, I get it. Hitting someone else's car really sucks. But maybe think twice before you decide to just drive off.

You really never know who could be your future boss.

If I were the dude going for the interview, I'd probably just walk right out and never contact the company again. This is equal parts hilarious and cringe.