The Best Karma Moments Where People Got What They Deserved

Sarah Kester
Woman popping champagne
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Justice doesn't always wear a black suit and answer to a bat signal in the sky.

Justice can be delivered in epic proportions through sweet, sweet karma. That's how people were able to sit back after they were wronged by someone. They know that what goes around comes around!

So if you're someone who's all about fair game, sit back and enjoy these karma moments where people got what they deserved — and more.

The trade "up"

Couple sitting together in Lost in Translation
Cinema Holic | Paramount Pictures

One woman's ex-husband got more than he bargained for when he left his wife for a woman 10 years younger.

While he wanted to be free and spontaneous again, he got her pregnant within three months. Now, he's stuck doing the whole baby and toddler stage again.

The catfish

Man on computer
Unsplash | Bench Accounting

"My ex was emotionally cheating on me online with some girl on the other side of the States. Broke my heart the way he talked about her towards me. Saying things that he should have been saying to me meanwhile acting indifferent towards me. Come to find out she was catfishing him, wasn't a 19-year-old rich girl but was actually a late 40s woman." -u/NeaIsACat

The cyclist

Girl saying karma
Giphy | T. Kyle

If you're someone who thinks cyclists are as annoying as mosquitos in the summer, you'll love this story. A Redditor was walking with a group of people when a cyclist decided he would take the sidewalk despite this being illegal.

This meant that people had to move out of his way to let him through.

Police siren
Unsplash | Mika Baumeister

Then, he decided that he would blow through the three-way intersection, forcing a large SUV that was turning right to jerk to a stop.

Sweet justice was delivered when the SUV flipped on its red-and-blues and pulled over the cyclist. The walkers cheered.

The hockey puck

Alexis saying 'ooo burn'
Giphy | Schitt's Creek

"When I was a kid, we visited Montreal. I had gotten a hockey puck as a souvenir. While we were in our hotel, my sister decided to mess with me by hiding it. I got mad and yelled in my high pitched voice "GIVE ME BACK MY HOCKEY PUCK!" before smacking her in the head with a pillow. Guess where she had hidden it." - u/rnilbog

The dog bite

Dog in pink background
Unsplash | Victor Grabarczyk

Cliquey workplaces are the worst, especially when it's at a job where you need to be a team. This happened to a Redditor who works as a vet tech. No one wanted to teach her anything, which came back to bite them — literally.

She was working on restraining a chihuahua when the dog went to bite her.

Chihuahua attack

After telling her co-workers that the dog needs to be muzzled, one of the techs told her to just move over and let her do it. Immediately, the dog bit the crap out of the woman's inner elbow.

The road rage

Russell Crowe driving car
Rolling Stone | Columbia

"Driving to Chicago and a crazy guy is road raging swerving erratically while yelling about shooting us. He zooms off. 5 or so miles later we see his van upside-down in the ditch. He's standing on the shoulder talking to a cop." - u/Pastafarian75

The spilled coffee

Mary smiling on Selling Sunset
Radio Times | Netflix

You know the saying, "don't cry over spilled milk?" Well, don't cry over spilled coffee, either. You will likely get your revenge, like this woman who spilled her fresh cup of coffee all over her desk at work.

Her friend from the next cubicle over started laughing, only for her to spill her own coffee five minutes later.

The dirt

Woman saying, "she deserved that"
Giphy | Married At First Sight

"We were a small group sitting in a park. A motorcyclist started looping around us trying to spray mud at us thinking it's funny, and ended up slipping into a large puddle of mud along with his motorcycle." - u/Veena_

The nepotism

Man playing chess

When this Redditor worked at a family-owned company, they found themselves out of the family after they were laid off for "financial difficulties." The actual reason was that they wanted to give the person's job to a friend of theirs from church.

While the Redditor could've fought back, they trusted in karma.

Closed sign
Unsplash | Evan Wise

In less than a year, the company went bankrupt, the offices burned down, and the CEO was under investigation for insurance fraud. They certainly dodged a bullet there! Big time!

The ditch

Car accident
Unsplash | Michael Jin

"There was really bad traffic in my town and someone drove through a ditch in the their pickup to get into a turn lane. Immediately after, a state trooper is in the ditch following them with their lights on. So. [expletive] Satisfying." - u/Doedemm

The lesson

Smug woman

One Redditor got delicious revenge when her ex told her, “you’re the hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn." This was after he cheated on her three times with different people and came to the realization that he missed out on a great partner.

The mistress

Man crying on couch
Giphy | Rosco 5

"When my ex-husband who had stolen $4000 from me to go visit his mistress in another country called me to beg for money (actually my credit card number--as if!) because his lights there got cut off." - u/cookiemonstermanatee

The angry cat

Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

When this Redditor was young, their stepfather yelled at their cat for something small. The cat didn't like his attitude (rightfully so) and went right upstairs and went number 2. on his pillow. Don't mess with cats!

The bully

Stranger Things bully wetting his pants
CBR | Netflix

"When I was in first grade, my class had recess and this bully pushed me to the ground. I fell and was about to go off on the kid when this 4th grader came over lifted the kid up and took the kid over to the principal. Karma is the [expletive]." - u/BoardingBrownie

The stolen coffee

Toddler holding crayons
Unsplash | Kristin Brown

Kids can get their hands on a lot of stuff. Like the time a young kid grabbed the hot coffee at Starbucks that was meant for the Redditor. He took a sip, made a face, spit it out, and dropped the hot coffee all over himself.

The beer cans

Dog smiling

"My dad kicked our dog because it was standing in front of the fridge and he wanted a beer, but as soon as he opened the fridge the shelf that was holding the beer fell off and every single can busted open." - u/codeinelord

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