Woman Asks If It's Cool To Bring Champagne As A Gift To Baby's First Birthday

Ashley Hunte
A baby's first birthday is an important event, but something the baby won't even remember.
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Do you remember your first birthday? Unless you're some kind of superhuman, then answer to that is almost definitely no. And yet, our first birthdays are a big deal.

In reality, though, a baby's first birthday party is more for the parents than for the kid. So it might make you wonder if it's better to give the parents a gift to mark the occasion.

At least, that's what one TikToker was wondering.

Champagne is definitely a celebration drink.
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TikTok user Phoebe Parsons (@phoebeacp) posted a video last week wondering if it was appropriate to bring a bottle of champagne as a gift to a child's first birthday party.

For the parents, obviously.

A bottle of champagne being poured into an array of glasses
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"I would really love to know other people's thoughts on this," Parsons began her TikTok. "But I'm on my way to a first birthday party and I actually got the parents a bottle of champagne instead of the child."

She then explains her reasoning behind the decision.

A baby celebrating their first birthday.
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"In the child's lifetime so far, he's 12 months old, I've gotten him a baby shower present, a being born present, and I only thought it was fair to give their parents a present to celebrate the first year that they survived as parents."

She also remarks that the baby won't remember the party.

No baby remembers their first few birthdays.
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"Furthermore to that, the child is not actually going to remember their first birthday party. And there are around 50 other people going who I'm assuming are all going to buy the kid presents."

She ends by asking, "Do you think it's fair for a first birthday party to buy the parents a present in place of the child?"

The clip was only 30 seconds long, and attracted a lot of attention online. Hundreds of people took to the comments to share their own opinions.

Many people, though, thought it was a really good idea.

A man tapping on his head to signify an idea was good.
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One user commented, "Yes! The first birthday is for the parents! Like yes you keep them alive let’s celebrate." And to be honest, that seems totally fair.

Some parents even weighed in on how much they'd appreciate something like this.

Zendaya saying "thank you" as she cries.
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One comment read, "As a Mum I would have appreciated this so much more than any annoying noisey toy they got at 1 year old!!" Also fair.

Others thought that it might be a good idea to take the parents' wishes into account.

First birthdays are for the parents, but they're technically still about the kid.
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One user commented, "I think it’s fair depending on what the parents would like. Some parents want the day to be about the kid."

And others thought it might be best to get one gift for baby, and a second one for the parents.

The kid from that taco commercial saying, "Why don't we have both?"

"I love the idea! However, I would gift it along with something for baby since it’s baby’s 1st birthday and parents are usually doting about baby then," another user commented.

At the end of the day, though, I'm sure a lot of parents would appreciate gifts for them (instead of a bunch of baby toys).

A very good dog holding a thank-you card.
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But every parent is different. I'm all for giving a bottle of champagne to busy, tired parents, but make sure it's something they'd appreciate beforehand.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!