15 Very Bad Gifts Moms Received At Their Baby Showers

Lex Gabrielle
Unsplash | Madhuri Mohite

Going to a baby shower is pretty much a "seamless" process most of the time. You show up for those you love and usually purchase a gift for them off of their registry. Many soon-to-be mothers register so that they can get the gifts they truly want and need for their babies. But, still, people like to go "off" the registry and pull out of their pocket for gifts. And, sometimes, they really do miss the mark.

The worst sister-in-law award goes to her.

Unsplash | Oksana Berko

"A card from my sister in law, pretty much saying I'm not ready to be a parent and that she hopes I 'don't damage the child.'

It came with the 'What To Expect,' book series for birth through age 5. Lol. Also... She spent the entire party ragging on me to everybody. I had met her once prior to this. She was excused," said OkStop248.

Why are people so rude?

Unsplash | Ashley Walker

roxictoxy said that she had found a second-hand turquoise crib from Pottery Barn and was super stoked about it, because the original is super expensive. But, her brother-in-law and sister-in-law insulted her at the shower by getting her a "new crib" and saying that it's better than that "Street Crib" she wanted to use.

Random and strange.

Unsplash | Victor Grabarczyk

sjrj1717 said she received a onesie at her baby shower that says, "every dog needs a baby." While that's pretty darn cute, it would really only work for someone who has a dog. The Reddit user has no dog, two cats, never had a dog.

Talk about awkward.

Unsplash | Greg Rosenke

Crumb_Princess said that they received a cross necklace at her baby shower, as many babies get jewelry and religious pieces when they are babies. However, the Reddit user said that she is Jewish, and her baby is going to be raised Jewish as well. And, the people who got the cross 100% knew.

Used items are not a good look.

Unsplash | Tommaso Pecchioli

"Used and open items. Came from my SIL’s brother-in-law and his wife. I am all for hand-me-downs, but like..open containers of baby power and butt cream that are half used, as their present…lmao. Oh, and it was all packed in a dirty, used diaper backpack," Saassy11.W

What were they thinking?

Unsplash | Julia Zyablova

TexanButNotAFundie said that the worst gift she received at her baby shower was a box of baby medicine that all expired before the baby was due. What is a mother supposed to do with expired baby medication? Also, who gifts medications?

An electric toothbrush...for a baby.

Unsplash | Goby

trenchcoatweasel said someone honestly gifted her a toothbrush for her baby—who will not have any teeth for quite some time. Not only was it a toothbrush, but it was an electric toothbrush. Which, is painful to imagine.


Unsplash | Townsend Walton

"A thing to hang on the wall of the baby’s room that was covered in ribbon strung with loose beads. Nothing was knotted or secured in any way. Several beads fell off as I lifted it out of the box. So… they gave me a choking hazard for my baby," booksandcheesedip.

Small apartments mean small gifts.

Unsplash | Kelli McClintock

StrictAssumption4949 said that she lives in NYC in a small apartment, but was gifted a 6-foot play mat for the floor. She said "nowhere" in her apartment can they fit a 6-foot play mat, anywhere. And, the people know where she lives. Maybe a sub-message?

Who's having the baby here?!?

Unsplash | thapanee srisawat

"So when my son was born, my brother-in-law gave me a card. When I read the card, he wrote that he bought 2 football game tickets. One for him and one for my husband…… And he got me, the one who had a baby in her belly for roughly 10 months absolutely nothing," said MotorVirtual.

Always with the pink.

Unsplash | Susan Wilkinson

Reddread13 said that one thing that really annoyed her was how much "pink" she received after asking specifically for people to not give pink clothing, even though she was having a girl. She wanted "gender-neutral" clothing, but still, people got hot pink dresses with fluff.

A surprise waiting for you?

Unsplash | Fahad Waseem

bugslife707 said her husband's aunt sent them a box of baby items because she couldn't attend the shower, and some of them were incredibly helpful and useful. But, digging to the bottom of the box, they got a little "something else." And, by that, she got lingerie and some "sexy time" lotion. Woah.

A "time out" chair.

Unsplash | insung yoon

beccajo22 said she got a "time out" chair from a relative that had a clock on it and tons of negative and creepy sayings on it like, "you have to think about what you've done," and other traumatic things. Not the best kind of gift to give to a new mother.

A video that never made it.

Unsplash | Jakob Owens

"In lieu of a shower during the pandemic, someone close to me coordinated a bunch of video submissions from friends and family to be compiled into one final product. Should have been great. But it was never sent to us.

The babies are now 7 months old and we still haven’t seen the videos. I wish she’d just let people send us their well wishes directly. I feel sick about it even as I type this," said iheartBodegas.

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