People Share What Makes Them Instantly Reject Someone On A Dating App

Kasia Mikolajczak
phone screen with Tinder app
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I have to admit it's been a while since I've been in the dating world. From what I hear, things have changed a lot. Now, most people find love matches through a dating app. But there's a method to that madness, haha. You need to look out for plenty of red flags.

So when a Redditor asked, "When it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic 'pass' for you?" I was surely intrigued. Let's check out what people said.

This Odd Behavior

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"Single word replies to everything with no effort to make conversation. If you weren't interested, why TF did you match."

Wow! Back in the day, when I did use a dating website, I remember guys like that. Needless to say, I didn't care to respond back.

This Narcissistic Move

sign that says "A culture of narcissism."
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"People who behave like they're too good for you. Instant no."

It's something I can't stand too. I always look for people who are confident and proud of their accomplishments but can also be humble. You can be a millionaire but not have to rub it into people's faces. Am I right?

This Obvious Mistake

woman saying "That's right."

"Talk too much about who they want and not enough about who they are."

Here's the thing. Whether you like it or not, you're supposed to "sell" yourself, for lack of a better word. That means you need to tell people about you to make them want to meet you in person.

This Vicious Circle

Snapchat screen on the phone
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"A blank profile that doesn't say anything about them. Like an IG or Snapchat handle...that's it. And then you go to their IG and it's private and their bio is something like 'Not here often follow me on Snapchat' and you go to their Snapchat and it's like 'Not here often. Subscribe to my only fans' then you go to their only fans goes on and on and on."

Haha! What?

This Profile Pic

man standing against a brick wall
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"Those serial killer pics. You know, when you’re sitting and staring down at the camera and for some reason, you’re sitting in the car or a basement, not smiling and you took like five pics in a row and uploaded all of them."

Those photos are the worst. Am I right?

These Clichés

woman clapping and laughing
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"School of hard knocks."

"Usually accompanied by living my best life or living life to the fullest."

"Every time I see that on someone's profile I hear little orphan Annie singing 'It's the hard-knock life.' It's really difficult to be romantically and/or sexually interested in someone whose profile makes you think of an old movie about an orphan."

What does that even mean?

This Annoying Statement

person counting money in their wallet
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"People who brag about paying their own bills like it isn’t already something you’re supposed to be doing."

That's right. I think they're asking for a medal or something. Yeah, sure. We actually all do that if we don't still live with mom and dad.

This Aspiration

man looking surprised
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“'Aspiring milf' I swear every time I swipe I see at least five of these, come up with some original to put in a bio at least like damn."

OMG, what? People actually say that out loud? Okay, as I said, things have definitely changed since I've done dating.

These Red Flags

red flags
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"Thinking smoking weed is a personality trait."

"Same applies to alcohol. If 80% of your 'best' pictures involve a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, that tells me enough about you to swipe left."

Enough said, right?

This Annoying Write-Up

Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live saying "Ehhh...Nah."
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"If any statement includes 'if you can't handle,' nah, I'm out. Because if she can't handle me at my most selective, then she doesn't deserve me at my most open-minded. Also, demanding that you be original while her profile is exactly the same as 99% of other women's profiles, [expletive] that."

Oh, boy!

This Dishonest Way

close up of woman
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"When they have so many filters and only close-up shots from the chin up."

"All my friends use SOOO many filters and I refuse to use any...and I throw full body shots on there that are super unflattering so you know exactly what I look like on a bad day lol I'm not trying to fool anyone, you either accept my fat ass on low effort days as well as when I feel like a 10 or you can keep swiping lol."

True dat!

This Overused Line

woman saying "I'm here for a good time not a long time, so."
Giphy | Demi Lovato

"'I'm here for a good time, not a long one.' I don't take issue if you want to live your life like that, but if I have to hear the phrase again I'm gonna hide in a space shuttle and get off while I'm on the moon."

Haha! I hear you loud and clear.

This Blatant Lie

woman lighting a cigarette
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"Social smoker. That’s always a lie. They are a smoker but are gonna try to hide it."

Yeah, there's not such a thing, haha. Either you smoke, or you don't — end of the story. So just fess up and be honest.

This Personality Trait

woman with head down
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"As someone with mental illness... Anyone who makes it their only personality trait on their profile. Don't get me wrong I think it's fine to be transparent and open on your profile about it... But don't make it the only thing on your profile. It tells me you're one of those people who makes their whole life about one aspect of you and that's probably all you'll talk about, or you'll at least somehow relate everything back to that."

I agree with that.

This List Of Demands

person writing a list
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"A profile that's just a list of demands. 'Don't be this, don't do this, spend money on me, do this, do that, etc.'"

Haha! This person sounds like a gold digger to me. Heck, at least they know what they want and don't want, no?

This Sign Of Defeat

man sitting down at a table feeling defeated
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"There are some profiles where people are obviously angry at their lack of success in finding a hook-up or relationship or whatever. Stuff like 'I doubt anyone here is even real.' Or 'I hate profile questions, just message me.' Or 'I’m not interested in going 20 rounds in chat. Message me if you want a real man and a real date.' The lack of effort tells me that you and I would not be compatible."

I get that but you still need to put in some effort, no?

This Dumb Statement

man lifting weights at the gym
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"Calling themselves an 'alpha.'"

Oh, yeah! I briefly dated a guy like that in high school. Everything that came out of his mouth was like, "I'm the best. I'm the God," etc. I pretty much got tired of it pretty fast. Don't do that!

This Comprehensive List

sticky notes on the wall
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"Having bios like: 'You write first.' 'The gym is my second home,' 'We'll see what happens' (No [expletive]?), 'Good vibes only.' 'Always happy.'

"When their bio says that they're not looking for anything serious. When they don't have any picture at all of themselves. The ones who post flex pictures. Only group pictures. Only drunk pictures. Insta or snap name on the bio. When the gym is their whole personality. Polyamorism. Alpha males. When they take forever to reply?"

And that sums it up, haha!

Wow, I had no idea online dating got so bad.

Man saying "I was on dating apps for a while ... I can't stand those."

I honestly feel for anybody out there looking for love in this modern age of dating apps and all. It seemed so much easier when you could just meet people in person. Or am I just old-fashioned, haha? Do you agree with what people have said here? Are these all red flags for you?