'Sister Wives' Fans Are Livid After Kody Tells Christine He 'Wasn't Attracted' To Her When They Got Married

Taylor Sakellis
kody brown and christine brown at wedding
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It's no surprise to any Sister Wives fan that husband Kody Brown continues to insult his now ex-wife Christine Brown, but the season premiere of the hit TLC show was a great reminder as to why his third wife left.

In fact, the episode was so upsetting many fans are livid at the patriarch, who insulted Christine's look in the first episode of the show's 17th season which aired Sunday night.

Season 17 of the hit TLC series "Sister Wives" picked up right where it left on in February.

Fans watched as Kody Brown and his now ex-wife Christine Brown had a tense discussion after he found his belongings in her garage.

As fans of the show know, Christine was Kody's third wife and the pair had a "spiritual" wedding ceremony on March 25, 1994.

Christine announced she was leaving her polygamist family in November of 2021.

Now, fans are getting a behind-the-scenes look at the pair's split in the new season of Sister Wives.

In the episode, appropriately titled "It's Over" Christine and Kody have one of the tensest discussions in the show's history — and that's saying a lot.

On Sunday's episode, Kody called their relationship "not romantic" saying, "it felt like we were following through with a destiny."

Christine disagreed and said their marriage felt romantic to her.

"OK, so we can unravel this further because it's true that I wasn't attracted to you when we got married," he said.

"I felt pressured into the marriage. I did not know better at the time," he added, as per Yahoo News.

He went on to claim that his attraction to her grew less and less after seeing how she didn't "properly" mother his fourth wife Robyn's kids.

"I had all these criteria I had to meet in order for him to be attracted to me," Christine says to the camera.

"Can we just say then that it's over? If I have to meet all these criteria in order for him to be attracted to me, I just can't be myself."

As you can imagine, fans of the series were heartbroken for Christine.

"Holy [expletive], just when you think Kody can't get any worse, he finds a way. He's now telling Christine he wasn't attracted to her when they got married. He did it because he fell pressured. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Mr. Narcissist 2022, Kody Brown," tweeted one viewer.

Everyone agreed there was no reason to bring her looks into this discussion knowing it would be filmed for millions of people to see.

"It was subtle, but once Kody realized he couldn’t gaslight Christine into staying, he made sure to stab her with “I wasn’t attracted to you when we got married” just to make sure he could hurt her one last time. He’s absolute trash," tweeted one angry fan.

"Kody told Christine he isn’t attracted to her?!? Kody have you seen yourself??? It’s always the ugliest men who have the most to say," echoed a different fan.

It's safe to say we're all #TEAMCHRISTINE!