Meghan Trainor Says Nurses Implied Antidepressants Were To Blame For Son's NICU Stay

Rae Batchelor
Meghan Trainor.
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Being a mom isn't easy, especially when you're brand new to the job.

It's easy as a new mom to believe that every little thing that might go wrong with your child's development is potentially your fault, and it certainly doesn't help when medical professionals imply that that might be the case. Musician Meghan Trainor is opening up about a difficult experience she had following the birth of her son, Riley, in a new interview.

Meghan Trainor is best known for her hit songs like 'All About That Bass' and 'Like I'm Gonna Lose You.'

Meghan Trainor form a music video getting her hair done.
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But not only is she a pop star with both her own hits and hits for other artists under a songwriting credit like Fifth Harmony's 'Sledgehammer' or 'Ain't Your Mama' by JLO — she's also a mom to one-year-old son, Riley, with husband Daryl Sabara (who you might remember from Spy Kids, if you're someone with taste).

In a new interview, Meghan has opened up about her difficult birth experience for the first time.

Meghan explains that she found out she was breech, and was scheduled for a C-section.

“I was like, ‘I didn’t prepare for this, but let’s rock.’ I luckily didn’t have a birth plan,” Meghan said. "I was like, ‘Oh, was I supposed to make that up? I thought that was your job!’”

Meghan went on to say she was happy to see Riley was born cute. "I saw my aunt give birth to two babies, and they looked like aliens coming out,” she joked.

“I told Daryl, ‘Prepare yourself because he could be a monster for the first month.’”

But there were definitely some complications following the birth that had nothing to do with what Riley looked like — her son had to stay in the NICU due to trouble waking up for feeding.

“They kept asking me if I was on antidepressants during the pregnancy, and I was, but on the lowest dose possible, and all my doctors said it was safe and wouldn’t affect him,” Meghan explained. "It was really [censored] up,"

"They had no name for what was wrong," she went on.

"He just wouldn’t wake up. They said, ‘It’s really up to Riley when he wants to wake up.’ I’d be like ‘Really? Can’t you just zap him and get him up?’” she said.

We're so glad that everything worked out and that both Riley and Meghan are in good health now!

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