Model Coco Austin Gets Mom-Shamed For Bathing Six-Year-Old Daughter In The Sink

Rae Batchelor
Chanel sitting in the sink to take a bath.
instagram | @coco

Model Coco Austin, 43, is being criticized for her unusual way of getting her daughter clean.

Being a mom is tough, and no two mothers are going to approach raising kids exactly the same way. The temptation to tell other mothers that they're not doing it right is pretty high on the Internet, and that gets even harder to resist when the mom in question is a celebrity with 3 million followers like Coco Austin.

Coco Austin is no stranger to having her parenting questioned.

Coco, who shares daughter Chanel Nicole with her husband, rapper and actor Ice-T, has been criticized for quite a lot in the past, including letting her then-five-year-old wear fake nails, kissing her on the lips, and breastfeeding her past when many believed was acceptable.

Her latest parenting scandal comes from a video Coco shared to her Instagram.

The video, which showcased her family getting ready for an event, started with a shot of Chanel taking a bath in a unique location — the kitchen sink.

"The sink is easiest when you have to be fast," Coco captioned the moment over footage of Chanel scrolling through her iPad in the sink.

Fans in the comments immediately questioned bathing a six-year-old in the sink.

"Y'all still treating her like an infant?" one fan wrote, while anther added, "Why do people in the USA wash everything in their kitchen sink? I'm sure there is some sort of valid reason, but I'm finding it difficult not to see how unhygienic that is.

"She's too old to be in the sink... that was really awkward to see," said another.

However, other fans came to Coco's defense.

"Loves a Farm sink I did this with the grand baby sooo much easier and safer I can keep a eye and clean up kitchen style," shared one fan on TikTok, and another added, "The sink also saves you from back pain!"

What do you think? Should a six-year-old only be taking baths in the bath, or do you think the sink is a good solution in a pinch? Let us know in the comments!