Women Share What Turned Them Into A Villain

Sarah Kester
Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
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Every villain has an origin story.

Think of the Joker's untreated mental illness, Maleficent suffering a ruthless betrayal, and Thanos seeing his homeland ruined by overpopulation.

For the women of the world, their hearts have turned black to things like abusive parents, horrible exes, and more. Here are their villain origin stories.

TW: This article contains some discussion about physical and sexual abuse that readers may find upsetting.

Getting taken advantage of

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A person can only be pushed so far before they snap. One woman shared that the more used she felt by others, the more resentment built up. Now, she can hardly control her emotions after being so scorned.


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"Don't get me wrong, I don't hate all men, I love my father and my boyfriend. But having experienced so much negative stuff with men, they are to blame." -u/Knofferini. When women deal with the brunt of sexual violence, it's difficult to not get angry.

Being betrayed

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Betrayal is at the root of almost every villain origin story. It means that you were stabbed in the back by the people you cared the most about. With no more loyalty ties, there's nothing stopping you from getting revenge.

People who don't like you for no reason

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"My MIL said enough about me before she ever tried to get to know me. She was always convinced I was the bad guy in the family for taking her son away, that I would eventually cheat on him and ruin his life." -u/mangopepperjelly

Being a mom

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This example is more lighthearted. A woman wrote that she became the villain when she made her kids do their homework, complete their chores, and on. Basically, being a good mom can sometimes turn you into the bad guy.

Disrespect and rudeness

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"I don't turn into a scene, but I basically turn into a super[expletive]. A very calm, collected superbitch with a decent vocabulary and a penchant for standing up for myself and other folks. Nothing better than politely eviscerating someone for treating others poorly." -u/Izmeralda

Horrible customers

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There really should be a Marvel film about a superhero who worked in retail and sought revenge once they got their powers. So many women could relate to horrible customers turning them into a person thirsty for karma.

People abusing you verbally, emotionally, and physically

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"Being used and thrown away like common garbage. I fully admit to have been a bully as a teen. Bullied kids become bullies and it's a vicious cycle." -u/NatAttack89. Sadly, these bullies go on to terrorize the workplace.

Your ex

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Yup, that oughtta do it! Many women have an ex that they're still bitter toward. One woman's ex that she planned on marrying kissed her sister while she was sleeping in the next room. Ever since that incident, it's been hard to trust men.

Setting boundaries

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"When I stopped being a doormat for people. If I don't like something, back off. But then they turn around and say 'you're not the same anymore' nah bro, I just realized that no one's worth it." -u/shutterbugyo

Becoming older

Clint Eastwood

When you're a teen, it's easy to assume that the world revolves around you. You don't understand why people are mad at you and your friends for doing things like blasting music. But as an adult? Well, now you're the angry adult mad at teens for being brats.

Realizing that hard work is not fairly rewarded

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"After realizing that hard work is not fairly rewarded. Someone else who is lazier and/or less competent can get something that you wanted/deserved, and there's nothing you can do about it." - u/deleted


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"My mind has decided to fill the world with terrifying situations and has made my life hellish. What makes me bitter is that I'm a generally good person who's always taken care of business and yet I can't enjoy anything anymore while I see a lot of careless and irresponsible people living it up." - u/cpnflcn

Bad parents

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
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"Getting verbally and physically harassed at school and at home continuously for years. Became very bitter after that. I used to be a happy kid, but it was beaten out of me." -u/hairysassylegs. No child deserves treatment like that.

The justice system

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After a woman was raped, she turned to every institution set up for justice. Tragically, all of them turned their sympathies to the perpetrator. This caused the women to see how corrupt the justice system can be to the real victims.

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