Kris Jenner 'Kinda Forgot' She Had A Condo In Beverly Hills

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Kris Jenner looking inside the fridge of her condo.
Insider | Hulu

Many people these days would consider themselves immensely lucky to own even one home. Whether it's a house or a small apartment, not needing to rent is a privilege fewer and fewer people can afford!

Then you have the Jenner-Kardashian family, who own so many properties that the family's matriarch 'forgot' about an entire condo she owned in Beverly Hills, leaving it vacant for almost a year.

Have you ever just forgot about a home that you own?

No, I haven't either, but Kris Jenner has! As she revealed on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she has a Beverly Hills condo that's remained vacant since last year because she 'kinda forgot' about it.

She tried to justify it in a confessional.

"Here's the thing. I have a condo and my mom has one, and my cousin has one, and we all live nearby, I kinda forgot it was there."

Though she's not completely unaware as to how wild that is, adding, "That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?"

She returns to the condo in that same episode with her daughter Khloé.

Kris Jenner looking inside the fridge in her forgotten condo.
Insider | Hulu

The two inspect the fridge, which contains bottles upon bottles of champagne, water, and balsamic vinegar.

In the freezer, there are frozen beans, dinners, and mysterious bags labeled 'do not eat'.

The two were bewildered by the contents.

"I've never seen so much champagne, why is this all here?" Khloé asked.

"In case of an emergency," her mom replied.

The two then spend some time actually cleaning the fridge out, realizing they can't just leave it like that.

Khloé even jokes at Kris's expense.

"I can't wait to be wealthy enough to forget I have property somewhere," she said. "Just like, 'Oh, I have a condo in Beverly Hills? I forgot about that.'"

Trust me, Khloé, most of us can't wait to be that wealthy either.

h/t: Insider