Fans Are Annoyed After Video Of Kylie Jenner Looking 'Uninterested' At Meet & Greet Goes Viral

Taylor Sakellis
kylie jenner looking off to the side selfie
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Kylie Jenner is getting called out after a seemingly innocent video posted by a reporter went viral on TikTok. The video shows Kylie looking uninterested, to say the least while snapping a few pics with LA-based producer, Alexa May Rhodes.

The video soon went viral (before it was deleted by Alexa) and sure enough, people had lots of thoughts on the icy interaction.

I can't lie to you all, when I hear about a celebrity being rude, it *really* grinds my gears.

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As a celebrity, you have an international platform, millions of fans, and millions of dollars. The least you can do is be kind to the people who got you to where you are now, right?

However, when I hear that that attitude is coming from a Kardashian or Jenner, I'm less surprised but just as annoyed.

In a video originally shared by LA-based producer, Alexa May Rhodes, Kylie is seen snapping pics with the blonde and looking like she'd rather be doing literally anything else.

It's not like Kylie was caught off guard by a fan in the wild, she was at an event celebrating her makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics.

kylie jenner meeting reporter
TikTok | @alexamayrhodes

Meet and greets are part of the press experience and something that Kylie has done many many many times before.

As you can imagine, fans online had a lot of opinions.

kylie jenner meeting reporter
TikTok | @alexamayrhodes

“She didn’t look happy at all,” one user commented on the now deleted video, as per Page Six.

“no hug, a smile or even a word? naaaaaa,” questioned another.

"No actual engagement. What a shame," said. a different user. "I’d be trying to 'win' everyone over. These people are literally their support system. What a missed opportunity."

Well, I just hope that Alexa didn't take it personally!