Bethenny Frankel Shares Before-And-After Pics Using Filters, 'When Does It End?'

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Bethenny Frankel's before and after pics.
instagram | @bethennyfrankel

If you've spent any amount of time online, especially on the image-driven platform of Instagram, you've probably noticed peoples' photos looking a little...let's be honest here, fake. The use of filters and photo editing is rampant online, and some people have had enough of it.

This includes reality star Bethenny Frankel, who's made it her mission to speak out against the over-editing of photos while also highlighting the issues it causes.

Former 'Real Housewives' star Bethenny Frankel is extremely against photo editing.

She's openly advocated against it before, saying that the beauty standards they perpetuate are unrealistic and "insane."

She's not wrong! The state of photo editing, especially on social media, has gotten pretty ridiculous.

Frankel decided to illustrate her point with a side-by-side comparison.

She posted a selfie that she edited, smoothing out her skin and eliminating all her natural wrinkles and textures, and in the same post showed a before-and-after of her editing job.

"Hey it’s me, your favorite filtered friend," her caption read.

"[...] just making myself look a little better, a little younger, so you think I look better than you. Doesn’t that really build up your self esteem? I spend hours with tech assistants to make myself look good and you feel bad!"

She's calling out beauty industries across the board with this one.

"More hair, less wrinkles, perfectly smooth skin, higher cheekbones, more defined eyebrows, smaller face, bigger lips… when does it end?" she writes, "It’s so important that we acknowledge what’s happening with the filtering and the photoshopping and the outright lying."

She's also concerned with how it will affect future generations.

"What is the message we are all buying into? What are we sharing with our children?"

This isn't the first time she's made this sort of post either. Just the other week she did a full-body version, showing herself in a bikini with her waist, chest, and legs edited, then the unedited original.

It's an extremely refreshing take to see online.

Seeing someone so dedicated to dispelling these sorts of trends online is truly heartwarming.

As Frankel put it herself in one of her Instagram captions, "It's the opposite of inspirational. It's destructive. It's irresponsible. It's insecure and it's inaccurate."

h/t: People