Professional Dating Expert Shares Warning Signs Women Need To Watch Out For

Sarah Kester
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When it comes to red flags, some women have their blinders on. 

They mistake a man's controlling nature for being protective and think that it’s normal for a man to judge what they wear and eat. 

Thankfully, a professional dating expert on TikTok is helping women see the light. In his three-part viral video series, he’s sharing the three major warning signs every woman needs to watch out for. 

Some red flags are easier to see than others. 

Dinner date with wine
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Take a man telling a woman she’s “unladylike” for eating a whole salad on their dinner date, for example. That flag is SO red, our eyes are practically blinded by it!

Unfortunately, this isn’t just an “example” scenario.

Diamond Jackson
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It’s something that actually happened to a woman named Diamond Jackson. The 23-year-old shared the disturbing details of her date online.

It started off good; they appeared to hit it off on their date and even promised to see each other again. 

But the probability of a love connection went right down the toilet when the man texted her later and said that  their eating habits were “incompatible.” 

Text from rude man
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In a text, he wrote about his distaste for her eating her whole chicken Ceasar salad

"You ate the whole damn salad which isn't ladylike. [It] makes me feel like you're greedy for food and I need a woman who knows when to stop eating," he rudely wrote.

Woman shaking her head
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If only Diamond knew about Jason Lucas at the time!

He’s a professional matchmaker on TikTok who has been warning users about glaring red flags.

Jacob Lucas
TikTok | @jacoblucas101

In a three-part video series, all of which have gone viral, he’s been sharing the seemingly innocent behaviors from potential partners that are actually warning signs. 

While there are nine red flags every woman needs to know, the top three are the most critical.

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According to Jacob, the first warning sign revolves around clothing. If a man tries to tell you what you can and can’t wear, run!

“Men do this because of insecurities and controlling behaviors. They try to project their own emotions onto the relationship which impacts the women,” he said. 

Woman eating food
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The second is when a man exerts control over what a woman eats (Diamond, you dodged a bullet, girl!). 

'This controlling behavior can be very dangerous,” he said.

Jacob talking in video
TikTok | @jacoblucas101

“It can make the woman feel very self-conscious and this can lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.”

The third and final major red flag is when a man tries to control who his girlfriend is friends with. 

"Abusive partners will do this because they want to isolate their partners so they don't have a support network," he explained.

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He continued: "This is very common amongst abusive partners. It starts off by them planting doubts about certain friends."

Many of the comments came from women who have been victims of all three red flags.

red flag
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"The amount of red flags I missed with my now ex! everyone you said he did," one wrote. "When your ex did all three," another added.

Many couldn't believe they had missed these warning signs.

"The amount of red flags I missed with my now ex! everyone you said he did. literally 12 years wasted," one woman wrote. "Wish I had known this at 16. So true," another added.