Body Language Experts Weigh In After King Charles & Queen Consort Camilla Sit On Thrones For 1st Time

Taylor Sakellis
Britain's King Charles III (L) and Britain's Camilla, Queen Consort (C), visit the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, Scotland,
Getty Images | JEFF J MITCHELL

There is no time to rest for King Charles III, who has taken over the crown after the death of his mother, HM Queen Elizabeth II, just last Thursday.

In the days following her death, the King has ushered along his duties, and now, a body language expert is weighing in on he and his wife Queen Consort Camilla's body language following their first appearance on the throne as rulers.

On Monday, King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla attended the presentation of Addresses by both Houses of Parliament.

As we know, King Charles III has recently made history as the oldest person to assume the throne, beating out the longtime record holder William IV, who became king at age 64 back in 1830.

As all eyes were on the two during their first sit-downs on the throne, Jonathan Dimbleby and Catherine Mayer broke down the pair's body language for ITV.

"[Camilla] has been an extraordinary support to Charles and she will continue to be," said Catherine, as per Express.

Catherine explained that the Queen's very public statement about wanting Camilla to be Queen Consort "removed really the last controversial aspect to what she would be, what role she would perform."

The writer then commented on the fact that Camilla and Charles walked closely together as they entered Westminster Hall on Monday.

"I may be reading too much into this but she was only very slightly behind him.

ritain's King Charles III (L) and Britain's Camilla, Queen Consort (C), visit the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 12, 2022
Getty Images | JEFF J MITCHELL

As we know, it's "convention that the consort trails behind the sovereign" however, Catherine explained that the pair seemed to be walking much more in sync than we saw with the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The expert believed the pair "look like a partnership", with Camilla being far from "a subservient wife."

"And knowing everything I know about her dedication to feminism, she would not have wanted to do that."

Catherine added that the pair are extremely close and that the public will have to get used to "the fact that they are effectively a twin pack."

king charles and camilla
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Jonathon chimed in, explaining that "the depth of love that they have for one another cannot be exaggerated...They support each other, she supports him even when he's away, she is always, as it were, there."

There's no denying these two have a very strong bond!

h/t: Express UK