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Love Them Or Hate Them, TLC Still Makes The Best Reality Shows Around

I am a self-proclaimed reality TV expert, so please understand that what I'm about to say is backed by my own scientific research — TLC makes the best reality TV.

I love and adore that channel with every bone in my body, and for me, that says a lot because I watch literally every single channel with every single reality show you can imagine, and I still believe they're the tops!

My love of TLC goes far beyond their modern-day craze.

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Of course, I love 90 Day Fiancé, but I was kicking around when What Not to Wear was still on.

I never miss an episode of Sister Wives, but I also never missed an episode of Take Home Chef either.

Let's be real — what other channel is offering us "Say Yes to The Dress" worthy wedding content?

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I can't imagine what the past 2 years would have looked like without the Extreme Couponing and Extreme Cheapsake reruns playing every single morning.

As hard as heavy hitters like Bravo and E! may try, they will never be able to compete with the diverse and downright wacky shows TLC is constantly offering up.

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I love you, TLC. You rock, don't ever change!