'Coco' And 'Encanto' Could Be Coming To Disney Parks: Their Boundless Future Is Here

Alicia D'Aversa
Magic KIngdom
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I had the absolute honor of attending the D23 Expo this year, and with it came a ton of amazing news about movies, TV, games, and so, so much more when it came to everything Disney-related. Among those amazing announcements were all the things in store for every Disney Park around the world.

Chairman Josh D'Amaro shared an exclusive look at all of the things coming to (or that they are thinking of doing) for the Disney Parks over the next couple of years. And let me tell you something: you're going to have to save up a lot of money, because you'll want to travel all over the world after reading this article.

Now, as D'Amaro pointed out at the exhibit, this may make some Disney fans nervous. But only through change can great things happen.

There's a lot to look at, so let's start with Disneyland California.

Avengers Campus
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The icon and legend Jon Favreau came out on stage to help with the first major announcement which was that the Mandalorian and Grogu will be coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, starting in mid-November.

Then, the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige came on stage to announce that at Disneyland California Adventure, the Avengers Campus will not only be expanding but bringing on board a new character. The Hulk! He'll be arriving the week of September 19th, but only for a limited time, so make sure you reserve your tickets for the park! Avengers Campus will also be adding a third attraction where people can battle King Thanos in a universe where he won the war against the Avengers. Yikes!

Pacific Wharf will be redone to turn into San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, where people can explore the sights, eat some tasty treats, and, of course, meet Baymax! Over at Disneyland Park, fans will be getting Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, and Mickey's Toontown will be refurbished for all to see in 2023.

Next up is Walt Disney World Resort in Flordia.

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Epcot will be going through a multi-year transformation. Yup, that's right. The park will be bringing to life one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, Moana. They will be opening Journey of Water, inspired by Moana's epic adventure and inner awakening with the sea, and it will open later in 2023. Guests will be able to get in touch with the sea and the fascinating creatures that live in the depths of the water.

In the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland will be welcoming TRON: Lightcycle Run which will allow fans to step out of the video game and have a real-life physical experience that will immerse them into the iconic world. That will arrive in the spring of 2023.

But most importantly: the popular song "Happily Ever After" will be returning to Cinderella Castle's fireworks in 2023. When I tell you the expo EXPLODED in cheers, I am not exaggerating.

Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disney are all saying hello to Frozen-themed lands.

elsa in frozen

In Hong Kong, World of Frozen will be opening in the second half of 2023. Over in Paris, it will also be joined by a Tangled-themed attraction that will be the perfect place for families to spend their time. In Tokyo, Frozen will join the expansion happening in Fantasy Springs.

Shanghai Disney Resort will be bringing to life the iconic film Zootopia. You will be able to see animals going about their lives, the police department, the central station, and amazing animatronics that only Disney can pull off. We saw a sneak preview of Officer Clawhauser, and he looked beyond cute (and was hilarious to boot).

As Paris is going through the 30th Anniversary of their park being open, a new stage show will play for guests next year, titled Pixar: We Belong Together. I already know that will bring tears to my eyes.

Apart from the parks, there will be two new ships joining the Disney Cruise Line, one of which will be called the Disney Treasure.

Aladdin and Jasmine singing a whole new world

It will be adventure themed, and the main hall will be focused mainly on Aladdin. But of course, Disney didn't just stop with two new lines or a new name. They've decided to bring families on a whole new adventure, by sailing to Australia and New Zealand for limited-time cruises, starting in October 2023. So pack your spider repellent!

Disney Wonder will be the first South Pacific trip for Disney, which will allow guests to travel to breathtaking places such as Fiji and Samoa. Over in the Bahamas, Lighthouse Point, a new island destination for Disney Cruise guests, is still undergoing construction. Fun fact: 90% of their energy will come from solar power.

Disney is also going to mark 100 Years of Wonder, and they will be celebrating in a huge way.

mickey and minnie
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Besides the obvious that will happen to all parks around the world (new decor, new clothes for the characters, new food, and beverages) some exclusive events will be experienced on their own in each individual park.

The "Magic Happens" parade will come back in the spring of 2023, and over at EPCOT in Disney World, there will be an exciting new nighttime show for guests. Over in Hong Kong, they will release the new statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse right by Cinderella's Carousel.

Finally, there will be not one, but two firework shows at Disneyland California: "World of Color — One" and "Wondrous Journeys" which will start in late January of 2023. "Wondrous Journeys" will actually give a nod to all 60 Walt Disney Animation Studios movies that have come out so far. I can guarantee you that you'll see some tear-streaked faces in the crowd.

But they didn't only reveal what is coming soon, they also revealed what they're THINKING about doing.

magic kingdom
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Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Flordia, may have the opportunity to expand. As the company looks toward its incredible (and apparently limitless) future, they will potentially build a Dinoland U.S.A. site at the Animal Kingdom, and look beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Where does the train lead?

To Encanto or Coco-themed sites, perhaps? I am definitely not winking as I write this, I swear. Could that be what was teased? Hm...

Needless to say, fans have a LOT to look forward to when it comes to the future of Disney Parks!