20 Good Ideas That We Want To See More Of

Ashley Hunte
The bottoms of a table's legs, which have crocheted covers on them.
reddit | scrubasorous

One of the really great things about the internet is the fact that you can find so many cool ideas without even trying. People love posting the neat, inventive things they've seen or done, after all.

And the ideas in this list are honestly just amazing. They're the kind of thing we should really be seeing more of in the world.

"The butter in Japan is pre-sliced."

A pack of butter with indents to show portion size.
reddit | comiekilla

This might be the most genius way to package butter I've ever seen. Getting the right portion of butter can be a lot of work. This takes so much of the guesswork out of it.

"My school has a V-shaped crosswalk."

A crosswalk that has lines directing foot traffic to three different ends of the road, resulting in a tirangle.
reddit | TowelRack76

I don't know why, but I'm kind of obsessed with this. I mean, sure, this kind of crosswalk would depend on what kind of intersection is there. But it just looks really cool.

"Cat in a bag."

A cat chilling in a clear backpack with airholes.
reddit | henneth2142

These have got to be the cutest backpacks in the world. I've seen people use them for pet rats, ducks, and other small animals, too. Hopefully the pets don't get too stressed out, but I'm sure it's kind of nice to ride around in one of those things.

"The owners of this restaurant are true diplomats."

Two rolls of toilet paper; each one is oriented in the opposite direction from the other.
reddit | SlamDuncerino

Some people really care about which way the toilet paper roll should be facing (and apparently there's a "right" and "wrong" way to do it). At least this way, everyone wins.

"This cat crossing sign."

A cat walking across a street that has a cat crossing sign posted.
reddit | fractallyweird

We have moose crossing, turtle/tortoise crossing, deer crossing, and even duck crossing signs. It's about time people put cat crossing signs out too!

And while we're at it, maybe we should put some squirrel crossing signs up.

"An average bottle of wine perfectly fits in our new recliner's cup holder."

A wine bottle in a cup holder attached to a reclining chair.
reddit | atomicanchovy

What you put in your chair's cupholder is up to you, but I'm personally kind of amazed that this chair has a cupholder. Like, how awesome is that?

"The cross walk light in Nur Sultan Kazakhstan."

A crosswalk light with a smiley face in it.
reddit | Gemselleramazon

I love little things like this because they just make the world a happier place. Even if you're having a bad day, you'd find it hard not to smile back at this little light.

"This Gas Station Has Touch Screen Cooler Doors So You Can See What’s Inside Without Opening. Also Had a Button For Voice Search."

A pizza freezer in a store. The door displays the different products available in it.
reddit | SorryForYoureLots

I used to think these kinds of things were dumb. But to be honest, those doors frost over so easily. This literally takes the guesswork out of looking around in a cold freezer.

"The crematorium I went to for my dog Zoie gave me a little heart filled with seeds to plant in remembrance."

A heart-shaped pack of seeds to plant in memory of a deceased pet.
reddit | Maggot_Corps

Losing a pet is more painful than people realize (unless they've also lost a pet). This is at least a cute idea to keep your pet's memory going.

"This brail [sic] sticker on an electric scooter."

The side of an electric scooter with braille on it.
reddit | extendshuman

See, I think that pretty much anything that has words on it should also have braille. It's a simple addition that could help a lot of people. Accessibility shouldn't be that hard.

"This mini van comes with a built in vacuum."

A vacuum built into a minivan.
reddit | bomonty18

Of all the things that come standard in a car, this should totally be one of them. Cars can get really gross and dirty, and a mini vacuum would really help with that.

"This gas station in Seoul has the pumps dangling from the roof instead of standing on the ground."

A gas station that has all its pumps coming from the roof of the station.
reddit | BackOnGround

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if this is a good idea. But I do know that it's an intriguing idea. I bet it would free up space for more people to pump gas at a time.

"There's a special room for vases in a hospital in Switzerland, so that visitors don't have to bring a vase together with the flowers."

A sign denoting a special area for flower vases in a hospital.
reddit | Haldenbach

Actually, that's pretty cool! And if you buy your flowers at the hospital, you won't have to worry about not having a vase for them.

"Part of the rear defroster on my jeep is a little sea monster."

A little sea monster decal along the defroster of a back car windshield.
reddit | Pokeball_connoisseur

Is this a life-changing idea? No. But like the smiley face in the pedestrian traffic light, it's really cute and fun. There's no reason not to have more things like this in the world.

"This book I found in one of my drawers had an RGB light logo in the front and an in-built power bank in it."

A notebook that also doubles as an electronic charging station.
reddit | Simon_Ril3y

Of all the places I'd expect to find a charging station, a notebook isn't one of them. And yet, this is so cool!

"You can dry your hands immediately after washing them in this sink."

A public bathroom sink that also doubles as a hand dryer.
reddit | Squid_Contestant_69

If there's one good thing that's come out of the past few years, it's the fact that places like public bathrooms have started coming up with new ways to help people wash and dry their hands.

"My new pill organizer lets me order the days of the week however I want."

A pill organizer with days of the week that are out of order.
reddit | Stubee1988

I'm not saying you should put your pill days out of order, but if the organizer lets you shuffle the days around, it might be good if your pill schedule starts on a random day of the week.

"Our Roomba was scuffing our coffee table, so my girlfriend crocheted some table socks."

The bottoms of a table's legs, each with a crocheted cover on them.
reddit | scrubasorous

Very cute! It's definitely a good idea in general to have socks or covers at the bottom of table and chair legs, but no one said the had to be boring.

"Soup tap. Gives free soup (+ there is bread basket nearby), located in university campus."

A tap at a university that dispenses soup.
reddit | AzginKunduz

A university is, like, the perfect place for something like this. Everyone knows most students are pretty broke, so every little thing helps!

"Our public busses have USB charging ports now."

The side of a bus seat with a USB charging port in it.
reddit | Farbklex

Every single mode of public transit needs these. In fact, regular cars should have more charging ports, too. We need to be able to charge our phones or other devices, after all.