Kelly Clarkson Is Releasing A Divorce Album About Her Split From Brandon Blackstock

Ashley Hunte
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Kelly Clarkson just announced that she's gearing up to release a new album sometime in 2023. The album will revolve around her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

Excluding a holiday album released in 2021, this is the first major album she's released since 2017's "Meaning of Life." Fans of Clarkson's music are definitely in for an emotional experience.

Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in 2020.

The two had been married since 2013, and have two children together. During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, the two had quarantined together, and Clarkson filed for divorce months later.

A source said their quarantine exacerbated issues between them.

In June of 2020, the source told Us Weekly, "They clashed on so many levels, and being in quarantine together heightened their problems to the point of no return. So she filed for divorce."

Clarkson took to songwriting to process her emotions.

She told Variety that "this is an important album. I’m working on this in therapy: I have a hard time vocalizing what I’m feeling sometimes, so music is helpful for me."

In fact, this album has been years in the making.

"My producer and I were laughing yesterday because I was like, ‘Remember that time we wrote, like, 25 songs in a week?’ A lot of those are the ones that are on the album," she continued.

"I literally wrote most of these almost two years ago."

"Then I told my label, ‘I can’t talk about this until I’ve gone through it,’ and it’s just taken some time to do that."

Now, Clarkson is ready to share her feelings with her fans.

She also talked about potentially touring after the album's release.

For Clarkson, being able to perform these songs is important: "I definitely am going to do shows. We’re figuring that out. But when you write an album that’s so personal, it’s just therapeutic to be able to get up there."

However, her busy schedule will make touring a lot more difficult.

In the years since she released "Meaning of Life," the singer ventured into the world of daytime talk shows, starting the Emmy Award-winning show, The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2019.

The show is set to begin its fourth season later this month.

Between her talk show, her kids, and other business ventures, Clarkson doesn't have a lot of time in her schedule for a tour. But she promises it'll happen.

The most likely time will be in the summer of 2023.

That's when her show will be on its next hiatus, giving Clarkson time to go on a short tour and let her fans sing these emotional songs alongside her.

In the meantime, we'll be patiently waiting for the album to drop.

Though the music is personal and therapeutic to her, Clarkson also believes it'll help others in similar situations. "This record, I think I wrote this for a reason — not just for me, but maybe someone else can benefit from it," she said.