Kelly Clarkson Explains Why She Changed Her Name To 'Kelly Brianne' Following Divorce

Rae Batchelor
Kelly Clarkson smiling in a black dress.
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When someone gets divorced, a lot of things change. Where you live, how you raise your kids, whether or not you have to make alimony or child support payments, and for many people, you also have to decide if you want to change your name.

Kelly Clarkson has gone through this since her divorce was announced two years ago, but many fans were shocked at her decision to change her maiden name.

In the summer of 2020, it was revealed that Kelly Clarkson had filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly Clarkson sits next to her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock
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The two have two children together, aged 7 and 5, and were co-parenting two of Brandon's children from a previous marriage. While their initial split came as a surprise to many fans, the divorce process has so far not been amicable, and the latest drama came earlier this year when Kelly revealed she was changing her legal name from Kelly Clarkson to Kelly Brianne.

Kelly and Brandon's split has been full of controversies.

Kelly Clarkson with her ex husband Brandon.
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Many fans will recall that during the divorce proceedings, Kelly's former father-in-law sued her for over a million dollars, and her ex-husband was revealed to be asking for over $400, 000 a month in child and spousal support.

When it was revealed Kelly would be legally changing her last name from Clarkson to Brianne, people were a bit confused.

“My new name more fully reflects who I am,” she revealed.

Kelly Clarkson with her exhusband.
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"I just got divorced, so I had to drop my married last name," Kelly explained. While Clarkson is Kelly's maiden name, Brianne is her middle name, so Kelly effectively did just that: drop the last name.

Kelly also cleared up that this change was just for "for my personal life," not her music career.

"I'm still Kelly Clarkson," she said.

Kelly Clarkson on the set of the Voice.
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"I don't think I can change Clarkson at this point. I'm 20 years in!"

What do you think about the situation? Is Kelly dropping 'Clarkson' from her name understandable, or are you confused? Let us know how you feel!