People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things Their Partners Have Said In Their Sleep

Ashley Hunte
A woman sleeping next to a book with a flower on it.
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Sharing a bed with a partner means dealing with the little quirks they have in their sleep. For some, it means listening to a partner talk in their sleep.

In fact, up to two thirds of people experience sleep talking at some point in their lives. And what they say, as the Reddit users in this list could confirm, is usually pretty odd.

"I was told by my fiancé that he came to bed one night after I had fallen asleep and started rubbing my back..."

A pile of various newspapers.
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"...which apparently prompted me to sleep-say 'This just in! Local boy massages.. other local boy!!'

"I am a 26 year old female but that night I was a young 19th century newsboy at heart."

"My girlfriend would be stressed about work, talking about speed sheets and emails. I would answer her and say the most outrageous things."

An ice cream cone that's spilling sprinkles.
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"'The spreadsheets got ice cream on them and need to be set on fire.'"

Sounds like a double whammy.

"One time while sleeping I grabbed my partner by the shoulder and told her “hey, people are just stacks of years” like it was the most important thing in the world."

Keanu Reeves looking just a little bit confused.
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You know, not to get all philosophical on us or anything.

"My wife once in the middle of a dead sleep just did like a possessed scream/yell."

A woman yelling while in a parking lot.
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"It was from quiet to loud. Kind of like aaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. And then she started snoring immediately after. I didn’t go back to sleep for a while."

"My wife doesn't Reddit but she would jump to tell you that I said; 'How come you get the cool spaceships and I get the Jetsons?'"

Jane Jetson taking George's whole wallet before leaving their ship.
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"Then made the Jetsons flying car sound and went back to sleep."

'"The money is hidden off the road by the Indian Reservation.' I tried to get her to talk more but she mumbled something I couldn't understand and went back to sleep."

Walter White, restrained and incredibly shocked in the desert.

"She doesn't remember her dreams after she wakes up so it's this mystery of whether or not she hid money in the desert."

"I had stayed up late and husband was asleep in bed. We had creaky wood floors, so I was walking slowly into the bedroom trying not to make too much noise."

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"I stepped on a creaky spot, and husband shifted in bed and then said, in a very cheeky/smiling tone: 'I have a machine... that will shoot you.. if you move around. It'll shoot you right now!' Then he was back to be being dead asleep."

"My roommate sleep talks almost every night and I once walked in on him sobbing. Full on bawling."

Abe Simpson sobbing at a table, as Homer looks on with a blank expression.

"I asked if he was good and he said in the calmest voice 'yeah sure I just wanted to see it to the end'.... he doesn’t remember it one bit."

"We both talk in our sleep but I think this one was so far the weirdest."

Kevin from the Office giggling.
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"One night he started giggling and I asked him why he's doing it. Then he just replied with 'I want to tap your teeth and make them go 'hello!'"

"My wife swears up and down, that while she was reading before bed, I said:"

A large, descending pile of leaves.
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"'I see you didn't bring the bag of leaves, so I know you're not serious.'"

Now I'm just curious about this whole leaf-trading situation.

"My freshmen year of school I lived with two guys in a dorm room that talked in their sleep."

Several tubs of assorted berries.
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"They wouldn’t just talk though, they’d have separate conversations with each other.

One night I woke up and one was chanting 'I am the spring berry, I am the spring berry.' The other just responded 'yeah, but Chick-fil-A said no in 2011.'"

"Not my partner, but my best friend."

A person pouring red wine into a wine glass.
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"Drunk on New years and everyone was going to bed and she slept next to me. Middle of the night she goes 'who the [expletive] stole my wine.' I burst out laughing and it woke up her and other people around me."

"I wrote this one down because it was so good."

Kelly Clarkson pantomiming her mind being blown.
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"'I don't like waking up and you're not there; it's like putting my [expletive] in the toaster.'"

Man, this person's partner should consider a career in writing poetry or something.

"My girlfriend in college once rolled over so her mouth was right by my ear."

The grim reaper looking at a lone tree.

"She then says, in a super hoarse voice, 'DEATH.' She had no memory of this the next day, and didn't remember any dreams. I'm still alive so...who knows."

"My husband once sat bolt upright in bed (still fast asleep) and yelled 'CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?!?'"

Homer Simpson shouting, "Woo hoo!"

"Being the supportive wife, I of course replied 'HELL YEAH!' To which he responded 'Yeah! Woo!' before falling back down on the bed and resuming the snoring.

"Wish I had a video of it. He still doesn’t believe me."

"My husband talks a lot in his sleep. Most recently he looked distressed, so I reached over and kissed him to try to make him feel better."

A woman animatedly saying, "Excuse me!"
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"He became even more distressed and said, 'What the [expletive] was THAT' and turned over in a huff. Well sooOOooOooOoOOOooorry."

"My girlfriend will sometimes bolt upright and stare into the corner, when I ask her what’s up she’ll say 'there’s someone in the corner.'"

A dimly lit bedroom with a single window.
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"I kinda laugh and be like what are you on about and then she’ll start laughing along too. Then she’ll wake up and be like 'why did you wake me up? What do you want it’s late!'"

"I woke up restless and hot, turned on the AC. Husband appeared to wake up too."

A small fan that's in the midst of blowing air.
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"He sat up and said 'I’m your fan,' and waved his hands like a fan, and then laughed at his own joke and went back to sleep. Did not remember it in the morning."

"Completely at random: 'OPEN THE WINDOW ABIGAIL I'M BURNING LIKE A MEATBALL.' We don't even know an Abigail."

A closed window in a dimly-lit room.
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The comments under that entry were busy trying to figure out who Abigail is, but with very little luck.

"According to my partner, while I was asleep, I once smacked them on the arm and said 'spare the cheese!'"

A large wheel of cheese, and a smaller wedge of the same stuff.
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"I haven't a clue why or what I was even dreaming about, maybe he was cooking something and I didn't want cheese? Maybe it was a choice between throwing me or the cheese overboard to save the boat? Who knows? Not me that's for sure..."