21 Tips From Celebrities When It Comes To Our Overall Health

Jordan Claes
Jennifer Lopez sitting poolside.
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Staying fit and eating healthy becomes increasingly more important the older we get. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes, it's easier said than done.

Nobody understands this ugly truth more than our favorite A-list celebrities. So in order to help learn and better yourself, here are 15 tips from celebs that will go a long way as far as improving your overall health.

Bella Hadid is all about that meditation music.

Bella Hadid in her car, wearing red glasses and her hair is in a ponytail.
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A good night's rest is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to our personal health. So if you, like many others, struggle to hit your REM cycle, give Bella's meditation music playlist a try.

Kate Beckinsale steers clear of coffee and alcohol.

Kate Beckinsale taking a selfie on her bed.
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Although it sounds impossible for the average person, cutting out caffeine and alcohol can go a long way. Kate says that it's now to the point where if she has too much dark chocolate, it's as if she's high on cocaine.

Jennifer Aniston's secret to her health and success all boils down to yoga.

Jennifer Aniston taking a swig of whisky in 'Friends'.
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Jen says that she loves practicing yoga because it not only feeds her body in a physical sense but that it also helps to build a strong mental foundation.

Khloé Kardashian never skips a warm-up before the workout.

Khloé Kardashian and her daughter taking a selfie.
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Khloé is always the first one in the gym, according to her personal trainer. Regardless of what time they schedule their sweat, Khloé shows up at least half an hour early in order to get a good stretch in.

Blake Lively has found an interesting way to incorporate her kids into her workout.

Blake Lively in a white bikini, standing by the pool.
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"I would actually wake up and work out with my girls," she told Women's Health. "I would sort of use them as weights. Instead of wearing a weight vest, I got to wear my children."

Hailee Steinfeld prefers to work out with family.

Hailee Steinfeld brushing her hair out of her face.
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Hailee's father also happens to be a personal trainer, so the budding young actress prefers to do her workouts with him. Not only does her father make her feel more comfortable, but he also pushes her to excel.

Zoe Saldana hates the word "diet."

Zoe Saldana holding a mesh tote bag, standing beside a river surrounded by golden-colored trees.
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"I am going to remove the word 'diet' from my life," Zoe wrote via Facebook. "I am going to remind myself that it is not about losing weight, it is about being healthy, feeling healthy, for the rest of my life."

Kayla Itsines prefers to keep it simple.

Kayla Itsines isn't an advocate for cutting out food groups, because she says that simply isn't sustainable. Instead, she prefers to incorporate as many whole foods as she can — including berries and basic proteins.

Alicia Keys has sworn off bread and dairy.

Alicia Keys wearing a New York bomber jacket, standing outside an iron gate.
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Alicia is a self-confessed bread addict and as a result, struggled with troublesome skin for years. She said that everything changed the day that she decided to completely cut bread and dairy from her diet.

Chloe Burrows urges you to never underestimate the power of a good smoothie.

Chloe Burrows at Disneyland.
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Chloe advocates for a daily smoothie. She says that it not only gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need but with the proper recipe — they taste great, too!

Meghan Markle swears by green juices and healthy fats.

Meghan Markle in 'Suits' saying "I'm on it."
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Meghan starts her day with a glass of hot lemon water, some oats, a banana, and some agave syrup. For lunch, she loves nothing more than a healthy pasta salad with a side of green juice, in order to boost and maintain her energy.

Kate Hudson eats five times per day.

Kate Hudson on a boat with her daughter.
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Kate advocates that it's better to have multiple small meals throughout the day, as opposed to eating a giant breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She also subsists mostly on plant-based foods, like zucchini noodle pasta.

Lea Michele says it's all about snacking the right way.

Lea Michele selfie in an elevator.
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Temptation can make even the most steadfast of people wither and crumble. That's why Lea always makes sure that she has plenty of healthy snacks on hand, whenever a craving might arise.

Selena Gomez is a big fan of circuit training.

Selena Gomez in 'Only Murder In The Building'.
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Selena likes to continually challenge herself and understands that complacency isn't an option. That's why she incorporated a variety of different workouts into her regime, her favorite ones being yoga, circuit training, and pilates.

Eva Longoria prefers to push her meals until later in the day.

Eva Longoria drinking a glass of water on the terrace.
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Eva is up at the crack of dawn making fresh pastries and bread. However, she uses pushes lunch until very late in the afternoon and often doesn't eat dinner until 9:30 at night.

Hailey Bieber throws a mean right-cross.

Hailey bvieber taking a selfie, wearing gold wire-rimmed glasses.
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"I used to be a dancer, so I love Pilates because it really elongates and strengthens my muscles. I also recently started to box for some cardio," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I found that remembering the combinations and learning how to move your body in boxing has been good for mental health."

A little walk can go a long way, according to Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock flexing and screaming.
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Even someone like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is forced to curb his workout routine to fit his busy schedule. When this happens, Dwayne recommends that you simply go for a walk outside.

Jillian Michaels swears by carbs.

"I'm not carb-free and carbs are not the devil. I have carbs all the time," Michaels confessed to Women's Health. "Whether it's toast, sandwiches, pumpkin waffles, fruit, apples, or cinnamon raisin bagels that I have with organic cream cheese for breakfast."

Diane Kruger prefers to work out solo.

Diane Kruger lying in bed, wearing pajamas and a sweat shirt.
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Diane is the first to admit that it isn't easy being a woman in a gym. For those who feel a little more self-conscious than others, she recommends finding a space that's free from prying eyes.

Rebel Wilson takes everything in stride and tries to live a balanced life.

Rebel Wilson on the beach, wearing a pink bathing suit and a black cover up.
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Rebel Wilson lost nearly 80 lbs in her self-dubbed "Year of Health." She claims that the secret to her success was knowing when to reward herself for all her hard work, whether it be with the occasional sweet or a bubble bath.

JLo is serious when it comes to her daily water intake.

JLo in her backyard, sitting poolside.
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Hydration is key when it comes to maintaining overall health and well-being. That's why "Jenny From Tha Block" drinks a minimum of seven tall glasses of water, every day.