There Is A Way To Make 'Healthy Coke' That Still Tastes Amazing

Lex Gabrielle
Cans of coke over ice
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If you're a soda lover, there's nothing like an iced cold Coke to quench your thirst and hit the spot. Some people love Coke out of a can, some out of a bottle, and some drive all the way to McDonald's just for a fountain Coke. While soda and Coke are a staple of many people's diets, we know deep down that it is not the healthiest drink to have on a regular, everyday basis.

There are many health concerns with drinking too much soda.

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Drinking too much Coke increases your sugar and caffeine intake by a lot. Due to this, people who drink Coke on an everyday basis can increase their risk of diabetes by 2%.

High sugar can also cause a lot of other issues.

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Too much sugar can also cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cause weight gain. These things can also lead to problems including heart disease and failure—which no one wants.

Diet Coke may be the "better choice" for others, but it is loaded with chemicals.

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Diet Coke is loaded with artificial sweeteners including aspartame. These things can be linked to a lot of health issues, as some report, it can be a cause of cancer and heart problems, as well.

Now, thanks to TikTok, there is a new way to drink Coke.

Girl recording TikTok making healthy coke hack
TikTok | @pepperonimuffin

People on TikTok are always sharing great hacks and tricks for life, especially ones that have to do with food and drinks. If there is anything that we love, it's a food hack.

The "healthy coke" drink only needs three ingredients.

TikTok user making healthy coke video
TikTok | @zozoroe

All you need is a cup with ice, any type of seltzer you prefer (it could be flavored or just regular selzer water), and balsamic vinegar. That's it! Simple enough, it seems.

First, add a little bit of the balsamic.

TikTok video making healthy coke
TikTok | @adellecerna

From the videos posted online, it seems you only need to add very little balsamic vinegar. Pour it right over the ice in your glass and be sure that it's not too much.

Next, add the seltzer or whatever sparking beverage you prefer.

tiktok user making healthy coke video
TikTok | @janellerohner

Add in the seltzer or whatever sparkling drink of your choice, which can be flavored or not flavored, apparently. Many people are using La Croix in their videos, some of them being flavored.

Then, just mix it up!

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Using a spoon or a straw, mix the balsamic vinegar with the seltzer and give it a really good stir. You want to make sure you are able to equal out the balsamic so it's not the first thing you get with your straw from the bottom.

People on TikTok swear it tastes just like Coke.

One TikTok user, @Amanda Jones shared she got the idea from her pilates instructor who said she drinks the mixture every day and replaced her Coke beverages with it — plus, it's healthy.

Others agreed it really is delicious.

TikTok user @healthylittlepeach said it would definitely be her new go-to drink, as she thinks it's delicious and even thanked Amanda Jones for sharing the video online. She did say don't add "too much" balsamic vinegar so you don't overpower the drink.

However, there were those who said, "ew."

Some TikTok users shared that they experimented and made it and were sad to say it tasted "disgusting." TikTok user @juanadchan asked if she had added too much balsamic or what, because it was definitely not Coke.