Mom Earns The Internet's Praise By Forcing 'Elitist' Son To Sit In Economy Class

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Any parent knows that finding the right balance between being harsh and being fair is tough, especially when it comes to punishing kids for their bad behavior.

While we usually have to discipline younger kids, one mom found herself in a tricky situation with her older teenage son. Concerned about his "elitist" attitude, the mom decided to dole out a harsh life lesson but is now wondering if she went too far.

A mom took to Reddit to explain some family drama that unfolded on a recent trip.

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The mom explained how she and her husband have been struggling with their teenage son, Matt, and his elitist attitude for some time now. Things got really ugly when the family decided to go on a vacation including their nanny, May, and May's son.

Matt overheard his parent's plans to pay for May and her son's first-class ticket on the plane.

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"[Matt] asked why we should do this, we were already paying for everything... let her go economy class if she can't afford first class," the mom explained in her post.

Shocked by Matt's attitude, the mom decided to put out an ultimatum.

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"He still stood his ground, so I said if he sees it that way, I said I'd buy him an economy seat and he'd have to turn around to pay for an upgrade for [himself] to see how privileged he is to have parents who can pay. He nodded, thinking it was a joke even though I said it wasn't," the mom said.

True to her word, on the day of the flight Matt did end up sitting in economy class.

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"He threw a tantrum in the middle of the airport, saying that 10 hours of travel would be very uncomfortable," the mom said.

While Matt survived sitting in economy class without the luxuries of first class, the mom now wonders if she went too far with her punishment.

Reddit users were applauding this mom and saying she could have gone even further.

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"If I had behaved like this, questioning how my parents spent their money and demeaning someone they valued then throwing a tantrum in the airport, I wouldn't have been going on holiday, full-stop," one user said in the comments.

People were here for this harsh life lesson.

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"OP you are my hero. After reading hundreds of posts about spoiled and enabled children you put yours in his place. Hopefully, he learned humility and respect," another user said.

What do you think? Did this mom go too far or did her punishment teach some hard life lessons?