Pics Of Kids Reminding Us That Parenting Is The Hardest Job Out There

Ashley Hunte
A young kid "hiding" in a transparent plastic bucket.
reddit | lookslikes

Having to deal with kids is... pretty tough. Whether you're just a babysitter, or a parent (and probably especially if you're a parent), it takes years before managing a kid gets any easier.

These pics show the strange, somewhat comical antics kids get up to on a daily basis. They're people with their own personalities, after all.

"My son asked me to take a picture while he fed me a bite of his breakfast."

A somewhat smug kid and a mom with a spoon in her mouth.
reddit | shanki_sharksugar

The look on the kid's face is absolutely destroying me right now. I don't really know what he was trying to accomplish, but he did it.

"My son was jumping on the bed and landed between the mattress and the wall, his look of surprise and regret says it all."

A surprised toddler wedged between a bed and a wall.
reddit | queeb

And at that moment, the kid learned why you aren't supposed to jump on the bed.

"My 10-year-old daughter loves to set her Barbies up in elaborate scenarios. This was the scene on our back patio the other day. These ladies have been at this for hours."

A dozen Barbie dolls posed to look like they're taking a yoga/aerobics class.
reddit | KoraWhore

I think it's safe to say those Barbies have god-level core strength.

"My kid wanted to 'open' the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?"

A toddler biting the middle of a banana instead of eating it from one end.
reddit | John_McCuddles

Yeah... OP might want to watch out for this one. She's either going to come up with a cool invention and make billions, or just become a serial killer.

"First there was crying and then there was laughing. Much laughing. Don't worry the baby is fine."

A baby that somehow crashed through a wall.
reddit | tuonni

I feel like this is gonna be one of those core memories that really shape the kid as he's growing up. How does that even happen?

"My toddler and her subtle commentary on my choices."

A shocked kid staring at a large beef and chicken burger.
reddit | SpeakEasyChef

I can't tell if she's wondering how her parent's about to eat that whole thing, or if she secretly wants some and is hoping to get a bite. Either way, that look is pure gold.

"My son just told me he was tired... I guess being three different superheroes can take a toll on a toddler..."

A tired toddler with an Iron Man mask, a Hulk fist, and a Superman PJ set.
reddit | Tommyb22

Having to save the world in two different universes probably takes a lot out of a kid, I'm sure.

"This kid stared at me like this for a solid 10 minutes on my flight. I feared for my life."

A kid with a small ponytail on the top of her head and rainbow sunglasses on her face.
reddit | benchmarkstatus

Between the hair and the sunglasses, I'm pretty sure this kid is judging OP for not being as well-dressed as her.

"The chances of being killed by a baby are low, but not zero."

Two parents posing with angry-looking twin babies.
reddit | pumpingas

The fact that both babies have the same look on their faces is both slightly horrifying and incredibly funny. What are they even planning on doing?

"Toddler found the sunroof button."

A kid looking at all the snow that fell into a car thanks to its open sunroof.
reddit | sexsoda

On the plus side, snow is just frozen water (meaning it won't stain). But at the same time, snow is frozen water (which is cold and annoying to have to sit on).

"Trying on clothes with a toddler in a nutshell."

A toddler standing inside of a dress that their mother has tried on.
reddit | nikkicolerose

Actually, I think this would be the perfect dress if that kid wanted to get two of their friends and try the "three kids stacked on top of each other to pass as an adult" schtick.

"My niece drew me. I think it’s time for a hair appointment."

A drawing of a woman with some pretty funky hair.
reddit | Karilovesolivia

The one thing you can count on kids for is their brutal honesty. If they think your hair needs a touch up, they'll let you know one way or another.

"My 8-year-old niece wanted to watch 'Aliens' last night. Found this in the living room this morning."

A Barbie doll with a hairclip on her face, similar to the movie Aliens.
reddit | bcramer0515

There's nothing quite like the time in a kid's life when she starts adding horror movie elements to her doll playtime.

"My toddler helping with the vegetable garden."

A toddler standing in an empty garden, throwing dirt on herself.
reddit | Fisher0fMen

I'm sure she thinks she's helping a lot. After all, she's making sure the soil is nice and loose for when it comes time to actually start planting stuff.

"Was moving the sound system around and noticed it was rattling. The joys of having a toddler..."

A large speaker that was hiding several toys.
reddit | blackop

I feel like I totally get the thought process behind this. Kid figured out that the speaker had a lot of empty space inside and boom, instant hiding spot.

"My niece’s hiding spot."

A toddler "hiding" in a clear plastic tote.
reddit | lookslikes

I bet if she stays quiet enough, she can completely turn invisible. For now, though, you're probably just going to have to pretend that this is the best hiding spot in the world.

"My nephew looks like an 18-month-old and a 46-year-old insurance salesman at the same time."

A baby with a face that eerily resembles a middle aged man.
reddit | JimJimBinks

I'm gonna go ahead and blame a lot of that look on his hairline. I feel like the kid is about to tell me that my claim has been denied.

"My son's car accident a few years ago."

A kid stuck inside of a play car.
reddit | wombat_hats31

Man, he really looks like he's struggling in that car. Luckily, it looks like there were no injuries to report, even he did probably cry about it for a little while.

"My toddler suddenly 'falling asleep' seconds after being told to tidy up her toys."

A toddler on the ground, pretending to sleep.
reddit | schneipi

Ah yes, the classic "pretending to be asleep to get out of chores" bit. I'm sure we've all tried that at some point during our own childhoods.

"My niece rethinking her decision to give her first fish a kiss before throwing him back."

A child kissing a fish, with regret on her face.
reddit | jecker77

I don't know what she was expecting, but it clearly wasn't that. I guess this is one way to learn how weird and slimy fish are.