People Are Taking The Plunge with Dramatic 'Jellyfish Bob' Haircuts

Emily McWilliams
Back view of a jellyfish bob.
TikTok | @dear.tina

As far as hair trends go, we've seen a lot of out-there ideas over the years. Just a few years ago, rainbow unicorn hair was all the rage, and who could forget when everyone was flocking to their stylists to get the coveted ombré look?

After what seems like a few years of hairstyle minimalism, there's a new trend online that's turning heads and kicking off a new era of viral hairstyles.

There's a new haircut taking over social media.

A woman with a jellyfish bob taking a selfie.
TikTok | @dear.tina

Dubbed the "jellyfish bob" or "jellyfish haircut" this style gets its name from the aquatic animal (at least — I think a jellyfish is an animal, right? Or maybe it's more like an aquatic organism?)

Either way, this is definitely one of the most distinctive hairstyles to emerge online in recent years.

As you can see, this layered cut would take an experienced stylist to pull it off.

In order to achieve this look, a stylist would have to carefully shape and separate the layers. The bob portion of the haircut needs to be styled but then you have to consider the longer portion, too. This is definitely one haircut you don't want to DIY at home.

Reactions to this haircut have ranged widely online.

A TikTok comment
TikTok | @dear.tina

Apparently, a lot of anime characters sport this look and for that reason fans were thrilled to see it come to life. This look also definitely raised a few eyebrows, but we all know that in the world of beauty trends, everyone has their own distinct preferences.

It looks like the jellyfish bob is even making its way to Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman recently sported a jellyfish bob in a photoshoot for Perfect magazine. Her version of the haircut featured blunt ends and pin-straight hair for an edgy take on the look. I wonder if we'll see any jellyfish bobs on the red carper this season?

What do you think of this look? Will you be asking your stylist for this cut anytime soon?

h/t Totally The Bomb