Apple Allegedly Threatens To Fire Employee Who Shared Security Tips In Viral TikTok

Rae Batchelor
Three iPhones next to each other.
Unsplash | Daniel Romero

A TikTok user who went viral for offering security tips to Apple users may be facing punishment from the company.

There are a lot of ways to get fired in this day and age for posting on social media, whether it's complaining about your job or the customers, or spouting off opinions that do not align with the company's values, but one Apple employee was surprised to find out that that list might also include helping people out with security issues.

It all started when a TikTok user shared that she had received texts from her old phone from someone who had stolen it.

Paris Campbell, an Apple employee, responded to the video with one of her own, saying, “I can’t tell you exactly how I know this information, but I can tell you that for the last six years, I’ve been a certified hardware engineer for a certain company that likes to talk about fruit,” and then revealing that “Your phone is actually useless to them, and you’re the only person that can save them, and I suggest that you don’t," because Apple phones are locked to Apple accounts, so her phone is useless to anyone who can't log in to her account.

Campbell then stated that she had received a call from her management about the video, asking her to remove it, or she might face “up to and including termination.”

In another video captioned “dear Apple,” Campbell went on. “I’ve never actually identified myself as an Apple employee until this video,” she said. “Funny thing is, though, after reviewing the social media policies... nowhere does it say I can’t identify myself as an Apple employee publicly, just that I shouldn’t do so in a way that makes the company look bad.”

Campbell doesn't feel like Apple's response to her video is fair.

“I find Apple’s response to be directly in contrast to how we portray ourselves as a company in terms of telling people to think different, innovate, and come up with creative solutions,” she told The Verge.

Campbell emphasized that working for Apple isn't why she knows the information she shared.

“I don’t just have all this Apple knowledge because I work for Apple. I come to this knowledge because I have a long technical education and history. That’s why they hired me.”

h/t: The Verge