15-Year-Old Boy With Terminal Cancer Comforts His Brother Who Doesn't Want To Let Him Go

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In life, there are many diseases and illnesses that take our loved ones far too soon for us to handle.

Aside from the loss that we have to endure when we have to go on without them, realizing that an illness is going to take you before you are ready is something that not many people are ready to face.

When young children are diagnosed with illnesses, it can be devastating for them.

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Young children who face illnesses and diseases that cannot be cured is something that is unfathomable to them. In their short life, they have hardly gotten to truly live.

It can feel as though everything is crashing around them.

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For anyone, to hear that your time may be up before you are ready, it can truly feel like your world is falling apart right before your very eyes.

And obviously, there is nothing worse than a parent coming to terms with the fact that they will have to bury their child.

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Saying goodbye to a loved one early, especially someone you planned on outliving, is gutwrenching.

It is during those times where we look to our family and friends for support.

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Benjamin Elliot recently shared a photo and story on Facebook of two brothers, Ian and Peter, with a story that absolutely broke the heart of everyone who read it.

The photo showed Ian alongside his brother.

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"Ian is 15 years old. In 2019, Ian was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. After surgery and months of chemotherapy, Ian was declared cancer free; however, in November 2021, his cancer would return and spread throughout his body," the post said.

The family then learned that his cancer is fatal.

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"This past week, he and his family would learn that there was nothing else they could do. The cancer that had ravished his body in the past and he had beat would soon be the same cancer that kills him," it continued.

Ian began to cry when finding out about his diagnosis.

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"Upon finding out that the cancer would kill him, Ian began crying. He wasn't scared of dying; in fact, he was okay with it. Ian was sad. Ian cried because, as he said in his own words, 'I only want to do one good thing in the world before I leave you all,'" the post read on.

Ian decided to tell his friends and family.

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Ian decided it was he who needed to tell his friends, his family, and his little brothers the truth about his cancer diagnosis. Understandably, they didn't take it all that well.

It was Ian who comforted his friends and family.

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"Crying in this photo is Ian's little brother, Peter. Peter had just learned the devastating news that his days with his older brother were numbered. Holding him as tight as ever and kissing him on the forehead, Ian held on tightly and apologized to his brother for not being able to beat the cancer," the post says.

Ian decided that death would not take him completely.

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Ian decided to comfort his friends and family when they needed him the most to showcase that there is still "good" in things that can be seen as bad and dark. "He refuses to sit around dying and instead chooses to be busy living until his death becomes reality," the post said.

Many people online were touched by Ian's photo and his story.

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"We learn so much through the eyes and words of young children. To have loved others, been kind, and cared for others is to have lived, no matter your age. You, precious Ian, have definitely done this and impacted many. Prayers for your comfort and for your family," shared one Facebook user.

Individuals were touched by how selfless Ian is to comfort his own family during his trying time.

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"What a special person Ian is, and how caring and selfless he is. He has shown love to everyone around him," shared one Facebook user.

Others shared their own story of loss.

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"What an incredibly brave and caring young man. We lost our 21-year-old daughter to osteosarcoma on 4/10/2014 after a 5 and 1/2 year battle with the monster. My heart breaks for your son and your whole family," one mom shared online.

One mom said when her own son did, her other sons took it very badly.

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One Facebook user said her son, Seth, lost his own battle with cancer and her other children took the loss very hard. She mentioned that no one can truly realize how painful it is to lose a sibling to such a terrible disease.

And, others said they hope to be like Ian in their own lives should they ever be faced with this.

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"What a remarkable young man. If I am ever faced with what he going through, I hope I can face it with half the grace and courage that he is," said one user.